Hackers are in your car

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If you have a newer car, there’s a good chance it’s connected to the Internet. That’s great, if you need directions or want to stream music on the go.

But we’ve told you several times that hackers can hack into your car and take it over. In fact, Chrysler recalled more than 1.4 million cars last year because of its cars’ security gaps.
Fortunately, so far, most hackers taking over cars have been the good kind. They expose security holes so companies can fix them. Unfortunately, the federal government has issued a frightening new warning about your Internet-connected car.

Terrorists and state-sponsored hackers can take over cars and cause your family serious harm. And, just think about this, what if a terrorist group hacked a fleet of 100,000 cars? That could trigger a war.

“There is no Internet-connected system where you can build a wall that’s high enough or deep enough to keep a dedicated nation-state adversary or a sophisticated criminal group out of the system,” warned John Carlin, U.S. assistant attorney general for national security, according to Bloomberg. Carlin was speaking at an automotive conference.

“This will be the next battlefront,” he said. “Right now, what we have is this combination of carrots and sticks, and there’s not a one-size-fits-all protocol that’s been mandated by statute.”

The government is trying to motivate car makers and cybersecurity firms to strengthen security systems for connected cars. That’s an urgent need. By 2025, it’s estimated there will be more than 220 million Internet-connected cars, including driverless cars.

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