Identity Thieves Try to Open Credit Account at Menards: Prosecutor

Police find numerous driver’s licenses and credit cards in trio’s car, prosecutor said.

Evergreen Park police arrested three people when they tried to open a credit account using fraudulent ID and credit cards, prosecutors said.

William Scott, 47, Juaina Pate, 30, and Eric Williams, 50, appeared before Cook County Judge Peter Felice on charges of identity theft. The trio was arrested after a traffic stop on Aug. 30.

According to the charges, Pate and Scott went into Menards, 9100 S. Western Ave., Evergreen Park, where they attempted to open a credit account with someone else’s driver’s license. The two left the store and left with Williams, who was waiting outside in a car.

Police pulled over the trio’s vehicle in a traffic stop. The prosecutor said Pate and Scott were handing credit cards and driver’s licenses of three different people. A search of the car revealed numerous ID and credit cards of different people. Williams was also allegedly found in possession of fraudulent credit cards and driver’s license.

Williams served three years in the Illinois Department of Corrections on a 2012 identify theft conviction.

Scott was placed on federal probation for possession of a controlled substance this past April.

Bail for Scott was set at $50,000;. Williams’ bail was set at $50,000. Both are required to submit to random drug testing should they bond out.

Pate was released on a $25,000 I-bond and was also ordered to submit to random drug testing.

“I think you’re with the wrong people,” Judge Felice said. “I hope I’m wrong about that.”

All three are due back in court in Bridgeview on Sept. 28.


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