Netherlands: Cyber-war ignites ‘biggest cyber-attack in history’

Netherlands: Cyber-war explodes with ‘biggest cyber-attack in history’ Sven-Olaf Kamphuis, spokesperson for Cyberbunker discusses the reasons behind beginnin…


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4 thoughts on “Netherlands: Cyber-war ignites ‘biggest cyber-attack in history’

  1. I honestly don’t see how anyone can support what these spammers do to the Internet or deny the rightful crusade against criminal spam-artists for the betterment & peaceful enjoyment of the World Wide Web by society as a whole. I guess it all just boils down to lack of personal accountability & the entitlement mentality that many people have. Spam is not free speech. STOP THE SPAM. People deserve to be free, not perpetually disturbed by the disruption & damage that spam & DDoS do to the Internet.

  2. Well, I, unlike you, speak from first hand experience with them, and it really closely resembles what they do.

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