Obama Hypes US Cyberwar Capabilities, Warns Russia to ‘Act Responsibly’

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on Monday to his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, parallel to the G20 summit in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, according to reports on Russian television.
“President Obama and President Putin discussed efforts to reach an agreement on Syria to reduce violence, provide humanitarian assistance and to focus on Al Qaeda”, the White House official said. “And we’ll have to see whether we can actually get this done or whether in fact President Putin, despite talking about wanting a negotiation and solution, is comfortable with this constant low-grade conflict along the Russia-Ukraine border”.
When asked about the meeting a short time later at his end-of-summit press conference in China, Obama said he’s instructed Kerry and Lavrov to keep working on an agreement.
The deal depends on the two sides agreeing to closer military coordination against extremist groups operating in Syria, something the Russians have long sought and the United States resisted.
Russian Federation has insisted that it can not agree to a deal unless opposition fighters, backed by the United States and Middle East allies, are separated from al-Qaeda linked militants they overlap with in some areas.
Ports braced for impact of Hanjin collapse
Shipping experts say that saving Hanjin Shipping is the cheapest and most infallible way to riding out the current crisis. The country’s flagship carrier was the biggest shareholder of Hanjin Shipping , according to a regulatory filing.

Sheriff’s office: 2 deputies involved in man’ fatal shooting
In the previous year , there has been a hashtag directed towards law enforcement all over the nation: #DeEscalateDontKill. Frazier had been arguing with his niece that evening and he had a small, Swiss Army style pocket knife in his hand.

Donald Trump not qualified to be U.S. president, says Obama
The US President stressed on the point that the ruling was “binding and could not be ignored by Beijing, which has rejected it”. The President also made mention of Lingao’s case during the gathering of the Filipino community in Jakarta last Friday.

Any deal would depend on Moscow using its influence with Syrian President Bashar Assad to persuade the Syrian leader to ground planes and stop the assault on opposition forces.
Reuters said that Mr Putin said on Monday that an agreement with the U.S. on finding a way to significantly reduce the death toll in Syria could be reached in the next few days.
Merkel also said that the G20 leaders had extensive talks about fighting climate change and trade issues.
Obama, speaking Sunday at the G20 summit in China, said he does not think any new deal would last long enough for a political resolution in Syria. The Kurds are the most effective US-backed anti-Daesh force, but the Turks consider them to be terrorists.
The test prompted a quick meeting at the summit between South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who agreed to cooperate on monitoring the situation, according to a Japanese statement. President Xi Jinping said in a speech after the close of the proceedings that member nations committed to combat protectionism and revive worldwide trade and investment. Duterte on Monday warned that Obama should not question him, during a scheduled meeting Tuesday, about extrajudicial killings in his country.


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