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Pushpendra Yadav

Pushpendra Yadav is a linux sysadmin and have worked in a web hosting company for more than eight years and now doing a full-time sysadmin consulting.  I handle servers from co-locations/data centers to different vps and cloud hosting providers such as Rackspace, Amazon, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Softlayer.  I managed mostly lamp-stack servers on CentOS/RHEL and Debian/Ubuntu and several cPanel/WHM servers for shared hosting clients. 

Pushpendra Yadav has designed and deployed mid to large scale highly scalable, fault tolerant, automated and secure  IT infrastructures using cutting  edge complex technologies such as cloud computing, aws/ec2, NoSQL databases, hadoop, load balancers, chef/puppet configuration management systems, varnish cache, nginx/apache web servers,  solr search and indexing, virtualization, LAMP and python frameworks, RoR etc.  

Operating Systems:

– Servers: RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, solaris

Cloud and Hosting Providers:

– Manage instances deployed in Rackspace, Amazon, and Linode

– Manage dedicated servers in datacenter co-locations and Softlayer

Virtualization and Cloud technologies:

– Xen: setup, configure, and manage virtual machines running Debian and CentOS

-openvz : setup, configure, manage and migrate virtual machines running on CentOS

– OpenStack and Eucalyptus: setup, configure, and manage private cloud deployments

Hosting Control Panels:

– Manage multiple cPanel servers for shared hosting clients and services

– Previous experiences include Plesk, zpanel, directadmin, and Webmin control panels


— Manage DNS cluster  on Cpanel DNSOnly versions. Manage zones hosted and integrated with Cpanel servers.

– Manage Bind DNS service on dedicated and Cpanel servers (WHM and DNSOnly

versions). Manage zones hosted at Softlayer and integrated with Cpanel servers

– Managed DNS from different hosting providers (Godaddy, NetworkSolutions, SRSPlus)

as well as migrating entire DNS/NameServers between different providers. 


– Cpanel Backups, and different rsync scripts (rsnapshot, rsback, rdiff), remote ftp backup.

– Administer backups from cloud providers such as AmazonS3 and Rackspace CloudBackup

Version Control Systems:

– Git: setup and manage dedicated git hosting server running Gitolite and Gitlab

– Github: manage organizations and private repositories. Setup deploy keys and webhooks

Alerts and Monitoring:

– Configure Nagios/opesview and cacti for servers and services monitoring

– Server graphing with NewRelic and Pingdom services. Previous work experience

includes Cacti, Graphite, MRTG, and PRTG.

Drupal CMS Administration:

– Managed Drupal 5,6, and 7 sites on LAMP-stack from different hosting providers

– Drupal server and site performance evaluation, tuning, and optimizations

– Setup and configure Drupal integration with CiviCRM, ApacheSolr/Tomcat,

Memcached, APC, and Varnish

– Applies Drupal standard and security updates on different site environments

Server Security:

– Experienced with setting up PCI Compliant servers. Scanning tools include dedicated

Nessus server and third-party scanner like Trustwave and ControlScan

– Setup and manage firewall rules with iptables, ufw, configserver firewall (csf),

Rackspace RackConnect, AWS SecurityGroups, dedicated firewall devices. 

– Rkhunter, Chkrootkits, SSHD, TCP Wrapper, fail2ban.