Social Media Intelligence Consultant

Today, social media is everything. Over night on a small hog farm in Indiana a young boy can make a video paying a flute and upload it to and 10 million people around the world will view his video. At the same time in Iraq, ISIS posts a video of a journalist being murdered. What do these 2 events have in common? They both used the Internet to reach millions of people within minutes.

Today more people are using the Internet to communicate to the world their news, political views, relationship advice, businesses ideas, career choices, religious views, etc. There are over 2 billion people who use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from around the world. These 2 billion people are not just kids, businesses, bloggers, family and friends, but criminals as well. Companies use Social Media to check on new applicants; colleges use Social Media to look up scholarship candidates, and law enforcement uses Social Media to track suspects, missing persons and even gang activity.

Understanding Social Media

An overview of Social Media Investigations
Defining Open Source Intelligence
A World of Sock Puppets
Domain Names
Username Workflow
Search Engines
Hootsuite and Sprout Social
Social Media Hacking, Investigation & Protection

Navigating social media websites, search, advanced search, sign-up, registering real and fake profiles.
Learn about connections, friend’s request, & privacy settings.
Identify fraudsters, criminals, fake profiles and fake information.
How to spot illegal information.
Identify personal details, addresses, phone numbers, email address & more.
Learn how to bypass privacy settings, visualize seller networks and gather intelligence.
Identification of criminal activity and what is needed to prosecute.
Evidence gathering and chain of custody for digital evidence.
Legalities of online investigations, terms of service violations and subpoenas.

Legal Fundamentals of Cyber Investigations

Legal Fundamentals (Reading Assignment).
Introduction to Legal Fundamentals.
Understanding Your Role as a Corporate Investigator.
Understanding Your Employees Rights.
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act.
Understanding Law Enforcement Concerns.
An Agent of the Law.
Federal Laws to Prosecute Cyber Crimes.
Becoming an Expert Witness (02:11).
Daubert Standard, What is it? (00:58).
Common Task of an Expert Witness (02:01).
Preparing to Become an Expert Witness (02:50).
Your Role as a Consultant (01:29).
How to Prepare Your Testimony for Court (09:43).
Preparing Forensic and Computer Evidence (01:03).

Documenting Social Media Evidence

Documenting Social Media Evidence (Reading Assignment).

Digital Evidence

Social Media Evidence Gathering

This Class Is Perfect For

College Students getting a degree in the Information Security world or
Criminal Justice.
Private Investigators
Law Enforcement
Stay-At-Home Moms & Dads
Web Developers, IT & Network Personnel
Anyone who is looking to make a secondary income.
Computer Retail Stores & Computer Technicians
Veterans and Military Personal looking for 2nd income or retiring soon.
Anyone who finds themselves spending more than 8 hours a day on social media.

This course is taught both as a self-paced online course as well as in a classroom setting.

What is included?

Instruction by an expert facilitator
Specialized manual and course materials
Personalized certificate as a Certified Social Media Intelligence Consultant
What you receive:

Participant Guidebook – This manual is filled with tons of open source intelligence resources that continue to enhance the learning process after the workshop is over.


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