‎Facebook tries to hide cyber-crime, takes down obscene screenshot

Facebook has yet again triggered a debate by taking down the screenshot that was posted by a Bangalore based fitness trainer Kavitha Ravindaran on her FB page. The screenshot was of lewd messages from a guy who was harassing her by sending here inappropriate messages in her inbox.
Kavitha, who was  shocked to see Facebook’s bizzare move, posted another status where she appeared to be disappointed.  “I have to appreciate FACEBOOK. Those pics have been taken down. Our society/media is such that it only protects the perpetrators and then we ask, why is rape on rise in India. They reviewed the content and said it doesn’t violate any regulation. So as per FACEBOOK, its ok for a man to ask any woman to show her ‘pussy’ and text filth. What more is to say? Even if you choose to fight back, you are made to face the dead end. True story,” Kavitha posted on her FB page.
Earlier, another FB user, Prerna Pratham Singh’s post had created quite a stir in the media as she too had taken a bold step by posting the screenshot of her harasser. Her screenshot was also taken down by Facebook on the grounds of ‘Nudity Content’.
Many users have slammed Facebook for its regressive stance on such posts. Looks like it’s time for FB to renew its guidelines!

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