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There are many intelligent characters throughout anime. Some are well-known detectives and super-geniuses in their own fields, while others are incredibly perceptive individuals who make their way through the world based on their skills.

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However, there are many characters who are far smarter than initially perceived by the other characters around them. From Halkara being the successful owner of several energy drink potion factories to Baldroy using his military knowledge to defeat enemies and defend the Phantomhive household, these characters surprised audiences with their hidden depths of cleverness.

10 Shachioko From Yakitate!! Japan Displayed A Vast Knowledge Of Culinary Techniques

Shachioko Yakitate!! Japan winking

Despite his baseball-loving and Nagoya-related antics, Yakitate!! Japan‘s Spencer Henry Hoko, also known as Shachioko, displayed some impressive culinary techniques during his run on the show. He was initially presented as the creator of a top-selling noodle bread and got the chance to display his techniques during the Pantasia Newcomers’ Tournament.

He also got to show off his knowledge of slow-cooking during the Monaco Cup arc, where he baked bread on a rotating spit. Though he lost to Azuma both times, fans were fairly impressed by how knowledgeable he actually was.

9 Gon from Hunter X Hunter May Be Young But He Has Lots Of Practical Knowledge

Hunter X Hunter Gon

Gon from Hunter X Hunter is fairly young throughout the series. However, his ability to learn new things quickly, as well as his innate perceptiveness, helps him out even early on in his adventures.

During the journey to the Hunter Exam Hall, Gon and his companions have to solve a riddle within a limited amount of time. However, Gon quickly realizes that the correct answer is to give no answer at all, since the riddle has no actual correct answers. This insight helped him, Kurapika, and Leorio pass that initial portion of their journey.

8 Halkara From I’ve Been Killing Slimes Is The Successful Owner Of An Energy Drink Business

halkara slimes

Halkara from I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level might strike many viewers as clumsy, and she certainly is. However, she’s also the successful owner of several factories creating popular energy drink-like potions called “Nutri-Spirit.”

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Fans were impressed by how successful she was with her company and wish they had the same level of success she enjoyed. One of the episodes even focuses on a newly-built factory of hers being haunted by the ghost Rosalie. In addition to her being a great business owner, Halkara also has a vast knowledge of mushrooms and potions and uses those skills to help the party, which often comes in handy — especially when Halkara initially caused those problems by accident.

7 Fans Were Shocked When Matsuda From Death Note Survived The Series With His Smarts

Touta Matsuda from Death Note initially didn’t strike many characters or viewers as knowledgeable or sharp-witted. He even ends up on the receiving end of some of the show’s more humorous moments, such as being hung up on when he calls and interrupting Light and L fighting at one point while being handcuffed.

However, his ability to think on his feet and blend in with regular people significantly helped him survive the series. Since Matsuda is so empathetic and keeps up with what’s popular with ordinary people on a day-to-day basis, including pop culture singers and celebrities like Misa Amane, it’s easy for him to read the other characters and see what’s really going on. This comes in handy at the end of the series, when he manages to one-up Light Yagami himself in the finale by shooting him before he can write in a scrap of the note.

6 Minako Aino From Sailor Moon Is Smarter Than She Looks

Minako Aino from Sailor Moon often appears as one of the protagonists who’d rather party and socialize than study hard in school. However, she’s actually very strategic on the inside and uses her social skills to get through tough situations.

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Even though she’s a bubbly person on the outside, she knows what she’s doing when fighting against the enemies, including evil versions of the Sailor Scouts, both for herself and for the sake of her companions.

5  Baldroy From Black Butler Hides An Arsenal Of Military Smarts

Baldroy, the chef of the Phantomhive Household in Black Butler, looks like an easy-going fellow whose culinary skills aren’t nearly as good as Sebastian’s. However, he actually has a military past prior to working for Ciel.

When members of Noah’s Ark Circus invade the household in an attempt to kill the staff, Baldroy outsmarts them, first by using a hidden machine gun in the kitchen to fight them and killing Dagger in the process. He ends the fight by spreading flour in the kitchen and escaping out the window before throwing a lit match behind him, setting the flour on fire. This kills Beast, who was still in the kitchen at the time. Fans were impressed with how Baldroy used his skills to put an end to the combat, even if it resulted in destroying the kitchen.

4 Shin May Lack Common Sense But Comes Through With Magical Smarts In Kenja No Mago

Shin Kenja no Mago Cropped

In Kenja No Mago, it’s revealed in the first episode that Shin’s grandfather didn’t teach him any common sense. Shin doesn’t know how to properly shop for items, or when to get out of the way so other students can see what he’s seeing. However, he’s extremely proficient at magic and passes the entrance exams with flying colors, resulting in him giving a speech on behalf of all the new students. Shin is at least aware that he lacks said common sense, and even jokes about it during his speech in the manga, though this was cut from the anime.

3 Fans Were Misled By Hermes’ Carefree Nature From Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon!?

Hermes smiling in is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon

Hermes from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon!? initially comes off as a seriously friendly person. Despite being a literal god, he takes his time to get to know characters from other Familias, including Bell Cranel and his companions. However, viewers easily forget that he’s a god, and Hermes takes his time to manipulate everyone from behind the scenes by acting so carefree.

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Hermes uses these abilities to help out Bell and his friends, as well as keep his own Familia safe. He may be manipulative, but fans were happy to see that he at least used these abilities for good, unlike fellow god Freya.

2 Joey Wheeler From Yu-Gi-Oh! Might Not Seem Like The Smartest, But He Knows His Strategies Well

Joey Wheeler Yu Gi Oh

Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh!, also known as Katsuya Jonouchi in the Japanese and manga versions, is one of Yugi’s closest friends in the series. He starts off as a weaker duelist than his friends, especially during the Duelist Kingdom arc. However, he eventually becomes so good at dueling that Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, considers him to be third in his top five duelists by the time of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Many fans enjoyed watching Joey’s development into a strong duelist after starting from nothing. Even though he didn’t always understand the supernatural happenings in the series, especially compared to Yugi, he was always willing to fight for what was right and go up against some seriously evil villains, including opponents like Bandit Keith.

1 Nami Amou’s Curiosity Helped Her Learn A Lot That Others Didn’t Know In La Corda D’Oro

Nami La Corda D'oro

Nami Amou, a minor character in the anime La Corda d’Oro, was part of the Academy’s Journalism Club. Even though she often was portrayed as a more ordinary student than the very musically gifted main characters in the series, Nami’s curiosity made her a big hit with some fans. Her ability to ask any and all questions helped shed a lot of insight into the other characters. Additionally, her cheering on Kahoko and Shoko, who both competed in the Academy’s music competition, made her a much-appreciated supportive friend to them.

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