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The Arrowverse has shown no signs of slowing down since its debut in 2012, with the shared universe continuing to expand through many exciting new commissions. The latest addition to the CW’s ever-growing roster is Gotham Knights, which is set to feature Batman’s adopted son joining forces with the offspring of the Dark Knight’s enemies, following the murder of Bruce Wayne.

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Recently Warner Bros. has announced that the upcoming series will be helmed by the writers of Batwoman, which has left many fans excited to see which characters from the show may feature. Viewers are eagerly anticipating these potential crossover appearances, with audiences taking to Twitter to express their hopes regarding which Batwoman heroes they’d like to see.


Luke Fox/Batwing

Son of Lucius Fox, Luke is one of Batwoman’s most loyal allies, having provided both Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder valuable assistance with their vigilante activities. Fans are hoping for the smart tech whiz to make an appearance in Gotham Knights, with Twitter user @ThxFlyingFox describing it as his “dream.”

Luke would prove a natural fit for the upcoming series, having recently undertaken the superhero mantle of Batwing. The technology geek’s batsuit gifts him a considerable amount of strength as well as the ability to fly, which could make him a tough opponent for Gotham’s many villains. Luke’s new role as Batwing would make him a worthy addition to the Gotham Knights roster.

Kate Kane/Batwoman

Considered one of Batwoman’s bravest characters, Kate Kane is the first to take on the Batwoman moniker and proves to be a major inspiration behind Ryan’s later heroics. Twitter’s @gixxergirl21 has suggested Bruce’s cousin could show up in Gotham Knights after leaving her friends behind at the end of Batwoman’s second season.

Kate’s potential return would tie in nicely with her previous exit, which saw her setting off with her dad Jacob to search for Bruce Wayne. Introducing a strong familial tie to the Dark Knight could lead to an emotionally powerful moment as she learns her cousin is dead. With Kate having played a key role in the Arrowverse, this move would also offer a compelling narrative link between Batwoman viewers and the CW’s latest commission.

Mary Hamilton

As the group’s qualified medic, Mary Hamilton is a key member of the Batwoman team. She has also developed quite a fan base, with many fans having taken to the character’s kind-hearted nature.  Speculating prior to the show’s announcement, Twitter poster @Ginbell has suggested Mary would be a good fit for a Gotham Knights TV program.

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With vigilantism often leading to various dangerous predicaments, the Gotham Knights are likely to require frequent medical assistance. Mary would fill this role nicely, having previously displayed a strong clinical skill set through her work for the Batwoman gang. Mary may not possess heroic abilities, but as the team’s sweet-hearted doctor she would fulfill the most vital position of the Gotham Knights team.


Acting as a constant threat throughout Batwoman‘s three seasons, Alice’s devious personality and wicked sense of humor has engaged fans since her debut appearance.  Viewers are hoping to see Batwoman’s arch-nemesis cross over to Gotham Knights, with Twitter’s @Ginbell especially advocating for her to feature.

Alice’s presence in Batwoman has left fans with many questions, which could be answered should she appear in Gotham Knights. In particular, audiences have suggested the show could explore her “Red Alice” phase from the comics, which sees Kate’s sister fall under the hypnotic influence of the vampire Nocturna. This would allow the Arrowverse to add more depth to the character, with her vampire encounter conveying a more vulnerable side to the killer.

Sophie Moore

As a former Crows Security agent, Sophie Moore is easily one of the strongest members of the Batwoman team. Her remarkable physical skill set makes her a considerable threat to many of Gotham’s most feared criminals. Expressing his desire for a Gotham Knights TV Show prior to the series’ development, Twitter’s @GroundhogJay_ is wishing for Sophie’s inclusion in the Arrowverse’s latest commission.

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Sophie Moore’s previous life as a Crows agent would prepare her well for inclusion in the Gotham Knights team. Batwoman’s trusted friend is trained in various disciplines, such as martial arts and acrobatics, which would make her a useful ally for the vigilante group. Sophie Moore possesses some truly impressive abilities, which could result in some thrilling scenes for the upcoming CW series.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Batwoman’s first season finale introduced Warren Christie as the Arrowverse’s Bruce Wayne, and ever since his casting, fans have been eager to see more of the CW’s caped crusader. One viewer has suggested Warren Christie’s version of Bruce could return in Gotham Knights.

Whilst the show’s synopsis may state that Bruce Wayne is dead, the series could present a surprise twist concerning the billionaire playboy’s fate. Bruce secretly being alive could provide some fun dynamics between the Gotham Knights squad and the Dark Knight, as Batman meets the heroes he has inspired.

Stephanie Brown/Spoiler

Introduced in the episode “I’ll Give You A Clue,” the character known in the comics as the superhero “Spoiler” is one of the most intriguing individuals introduced in the series, with Stephanie Brown’s appearance raising many questions from fans. Twitter’s @Grass_R1 has stated his hope for this character to be explored further in Gotham Knights.

This CW series could be the perfect opportunity to show Stephanie take up the Spoiler mantle.  Spoiler is a key member of the Gotham Knights in the comics and has displayed many abilities yet to be seen in Batwoman, such as martial arts and computer hacking. Featuring Stephanie in Gotham Knights would give the show’s creative team the chance to reveal these unseen aspects of her personality, creating a version of Cluemaster’s daughter closer to the original comics.

Julia Pennyworth

Daughter of Bruce’s butler Alfred, Julia Pennyworth is a fearless individual, having faced many perilous situations through her previous work as a spy. Her exciting backstory has left many fans wishing for her to feature in Gotham Knights, with Twitter user @WhoPotterVian, in particular, requesting her inclusion.

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Julia would be a valuable ally to the Gotham Knights team, with her former life having seen her acquire various impressive abilities. A skilled marksman as well as an expert knife-wielder, Julia could provide plenty of gripping action sequences within the series. Her espionage skills also suggest plenty of promise, with her attempts to evade capture whilst sneaking around a villain’s lair potentially leading to many tense moments within the upcoming CW program.

Ryan Wilder/Batwoman

Troubled young woman Ryan Wilder is the latest to don the Batwoman suit, and her adventures have left fans with many questions regarding the bat team’s current leader. Twitter’s @runmemymoneyplz has expressed his desire to see Ryan added to Gotham Knights’ cast of characters.

Ryan’s inclusion would give Bruce’s adopted son someone to confide in, with both individuals having had similar experiences regarding parental figures. As with the Dark Knight’s foster child, the current Batwoman has also faced the murder of a loved one and is aware of what the young man is going through. Ryan would bring the emotional heart to Gotham Knights, as she helps console Batman’s protege.

Jacob Kane

Possessing a strong sense of loyalty and determination towards his daughters, Jacob Kane is a likable presence throughout the first two seasons of Batwoman. The character’s immense popularity has resulted in fans calling out for his return, with Twitter poster @Batwoman4K hoping for the former Crows Security leader’s inclusion in Gotham Knights.

Jacob would make for an interesting addition to the serieswith Kate and Alice’s father holding a firm moral stance against vigilantism. With Jacob having previously demonstrated a deep dislike for Batwoman’s crime-fighting approach, he is unlikely to agree with the Gotham Knights team’s methods. This could create some truly dramatic conflict between the former Crows leader and the Arrowverse’s latest group of vigilantes, providing an extra obstacle for the team to overcome.

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