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The Akatsuki were some of the strongest ninja in Naruto. Though some of the Akatsuki didn’t have clear goals, their ultimate plan was to return Kaguya to the world. It took a lot of time for the Akatsuki to finally be stopped by the heroes of Naruto.

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My Hero Academia revolves around the war between heroes and villains. The heroes use their Quirks to help protect the innocent people in their world. Many of the heroes would be able to stand toe to toe with the Akatsuki villains.

10 Hitoshi Can Control People After Asking A Question

Hitoshi Shinso is a student in Deku’s year. He isn’t the strongest student in his year, but his Quirk could be a threat to the Akatsuki. He is able to brainwash people, gaining control over them by asking a simple question.

His ability to gain control over the Akatsuki would give him the upper hand in a fight. Since his ability to control others doesn’t come from a jutsu, the Akatsuki might have some difficulty finding a way to counter his attack.

9 Eraser Head’s Fighting Ability Has Allowed Him To Take Down Many Enemies

Eraser Head Erasing Another Quirk

Eraser Head’s Quirk allows him to temporarily halt his enemy’s Quirks. This power would be ineffective on the Quirkless Akatsuki members. Eraser Head would have to default to his fighting style to defeat his enemies.

Eraser Head has developed his own unique style of fighting. His weapon, called the Binding Cloth, allows him to capture his enemies. His experience and use of weapons could give him an advantage over the Akatsuki.

8 Nejire’s Shockwaves Can Take Down Her Opponents


Nejire Hado is one of the most promising students in U.A. High School. She is one of the Big 3, a nickname for the three greatest heroes in her year. Her enhanced durability would be a major asset in a fight against the Akatsuki.

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Her enhanced stamina allows her to fight for longer than most people. Nejire can emit shockwaves that can knock down her opponents. Her biggest problem would probably be Deidara. If Dabi’s flames could throw her off her game, so could Deidara’s bombs.

7 Stain Would Most Likely Disagree With The Akatsuki

Stain was known for his willingness to kill the corrupt heroes in My Hero Academia. The Akatsuki had once fought bravely for their countries before becoming interested in other things. Stain would likely view the Akatsuki as corrupt and act against them.

Stain is incredibly powerful. With his speed, strength, stamina, and intellect, he would be a threat to the Akatsuki members. Stain had an incredibly strong will and would refuse to back down in a fight against the Akatsuki.

6 Sir Nighteye’s Predictions Could Allow Him To See What’s Coming Next

Mirai Sasuki possessed the Quirk of foresight. His ability to see into the future allows him to predict possible outcomes in a fight. His ability has also allowed him to avoid attacks from those that he fights. His foresight would allow him to predict the moves of the Akatsuki members and he could use his ability to avoid their attacks.

His incredible intelligence would allow him to outthink his opponents. The fact that he can only use his power against one person every 24 hours would be a huge disadvantage. He would have to work around his limitations to succeed. If he were to take on intelligent members like Itachi and Nagato, he would have to push himself to his limits. If he acted smartly, he could still win against the Akatsuki.

5 Shoto’s Fire & Ice Could Help Him Overpower The Akatsuki

Shoto Todoroki has been training to be a hero for most of his life. He was specifically bred by his father, who hoped to have a child that could produce both flame and ice. Shoto’s intelligence could help him outthink his opponents.

His fire could prematurely set off Deidara’s bombs while his ice could be an effective counter to the Uchiha’s fire-themed jutsu. His power would be a great asset, but his inexperience could be a hindrance in an actual fight.

4 Mt. Lady’s Size Would Be Unlike Anything The Akatsuki Has Dealt With Before

Mt Lady feature My Hero Academia

Yu Takeyama can turn herself into a giant. She will either appear at her natural height or become the size of a building. She tries very hard to make sure no civilians are injured when she’s at her full height.

The Akatsuki never had to deal with such a large opponent before. If she could use her large size to quickly capture her opponents, the fight might be over relatively quickly. Since she’s not known for being the smartest heroine, she would have to work hard to make sure the Akatsuki weren’t able to outsmart her.

3 Gran Torino Is Retired But Is Still Strong

My Hero Academia Gran Torino Trio Header

Sorahiko Torino is a retired teacher and Pro Hero. He helped train All Might and Deku. Despite his advanced age, he shows he still possesses great strength, durability, and speed. He can’t fly, but his Quirk allows him to zoom through the air.

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He has been shown to quickly eliminate his enemies while zooming through the air. His speed and durability could allow him to help knock out the Akatsuki members quickly. Sasori’s status as a puppet could cause issues. Itachi’s Sharingan would allow him to track Gran Torino’s motions, but Gran Torino’s speed would be his greatest asset in a fight against the Akatuski.

2 Endeavor’s Status As A Pro-Hero Would Help Him Defeat The Akatsuki

Endeavor (My Hero Academia)

Endeavor has been a hero for years. He longed to be the number one hero in the world. His incredible power revolves around his ability to control the flame. His experience and intelligence would help him defeat the Akatsuki.

Very few of the Akatsuki could stand against his incredibly hot fire. The fact that Nagato controls the bodies from a distance could cause some issues if Endeavor were to fight him.

1 All Might’s Top Hero Abilities Mean He Could Easily Overpower The Akatsuki

All Might was once the greatest hero in the world. At his prime, he could have easily defeated the Akatsuki members. His incredible strength and speed helped him stop various villains over the years. His experience and intelligence would have helped him see through the Akatsuki’s attacks.

All Might is one of the most powerful heroes of all time. All Might’s strength can help him dominate over the various Akatsuki members. His strength, speed, and durability would allow him to easily fight against the Akatsuki’s strongest members.

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