10 Cyber Criminals On The Most Wanted List Still At Large In The World

The FBI recently updated its list of Most Wanted Men. But this time it is cyber criminals who top the list, and not terrorists, murderers, drug dealers, psychopaths or rapists who usually find an easy entry on the FBI’s hit list.

Cyber criminals are a relatively new breed of criminals who are highly educated, intelligent, talented, clever and sophisticated. These criminals can, by the click of a mouse, rob millions, steal confidential databases, dupe online users, hack your account and maybe even steal your identity. These computer geeks commit illegal activities online and are popularly known as hackers. Take a look at who’s wanted the most.

1. Evgeniy Bogachev

This Russian cyber criminal tops the list of FBI’s most wanted hackers in the world. Popularly known as ‘Lucky12345’ and ‘Slavik’, he is the mastermind behind the Zeus Banking Trojan malware which resulted in a theft of $100 million. He is also accused of transferring money to many overseas banks via illegal wire transfers.

2. Nicole Popescu

Who would have thought that a fake online auction could fetch you millions? Well this guy thought of it and made it happen.

The 34-year-old Romanian is accused of duping Americans with fake auction posts online including cars.com and Autotrader.com. Nicole and his co-conspirators were also successful in stealing $3 million dollars. The US State Department has even offered a reward of $1 million dollars for any information that can lead to Nicole’s arrest.

3. Alexsey Belan

This 27-year-old Russian broke into the computer networks of three American e-commerce sites in 2012 and 2013, located in California and Nevada. Apart from hacking, he is also accused of compromising cyber security systems, posing fake identities and of selling stolen databases.

4. Peteris Sahurovs

Wanted for his involvement in an international cyber crime scheme that took place in 2010, Sahurovs is popularly known as ‘SAGADE’ and’ PIOTREK’. He defrauded internet users of millions of dollars. Posing as a fake salesman for an online advertising company, he placed an ad with an infection, which was a fraudulent anti-virus software. He also defrauded many U.S companies.

5. Carlos Enrique

Carlos Enrique of El Salvador is accused of running a fraudulent website in 2003 and for selling a software that allowed purchasers to spy on a victim of their choice. People were lured by the software called Lover Spy on Perez site, which said it could catch a cheating lover. The malware allowed scammers to steal personal information leading to identity theft.

6. Farhan Ul Arshad

This Pakistani man is the mastermind of an international fraud ring that extends across Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, all the way up to Spain, Italy and Malaysia. He is also wanted for his alleged involvement in $50 million online theft by way of breaking into telecommunication firms and defrauding. He also worked as a businessman in the telecom industry, between 2008 and 2012.

8. Andrey Tamme

Andrey Tamme from Russia is allegedly involved in operation Ghost Click between 2007 and 2011. This operation compromised the security of more than 4 million users online which included U.S agencies like NASA. Andrey was successful in fetching $14 million from online theft.

9. Shailesh Kumar Jain

The only American on this list, Shailesh Kumar Jain is an American man with Indian roots. He is accused of creating an international cyber crime scheme in which users from over 60 countries purchased more than $1 million of fraudulent software products. He fooled online users by browser hijacking and by sending multiple bogus error messages.

10. Viet Quoc Nguyen

A citizen of Vietnam, Viet Quoc is wanted for cases of massive data breaches of email service providers all over the U.S. He is also accused of stealing confidential information including proprietary market data.

Source: Indian Times

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