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Supernatural was as much a show about human relationships as it was about the supernatural. While brotherly love and friendship were some of the primary underlying themes of the show, there were also relationships between parents and children or grandparents and children that resonated with the fans.

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For instance, the brothers’ relationship with their father, John, for whom they had very mixed feelings, despite obviously loving him, was pivotal in setting up their backstory. Dubious parenting choices were galore in this show where everyone messed up constantly, although very few people actually got the opportunity to be parents in a world ravaged by monsters and demons.

10 John Winchester Being An Absent Father & Inducting His Sons Into Hunting

Of course, one of the biggest complaints that Supernatural fans have is with one of the characters that actually sets in motion the wheels for the entire show–John Winchester. John is shown to be a crucial figure in the lives of his sons, with Dean forever trying to be in his good books, although that changes eventually, and Sam rebelling against him.

The fact that John inducted his kids into hunting monsters, thus robbing them of a ‘normal’ childhood, is seen as reprehensible. True, he was haunted by the death of his wife and wanted revenge, and perhaps one can look at his decision to teach his sons hunting tactics as an effort to keep them safe from all the darkness that he knew inhabited the world. Yet, he was, for the better part of their young lives, an absent father, leaving the brothers to fend for themselves.

9 Sam Killing Dean’s Daughter

In season 7, in what started out as one of the quintessentially funny Supernatural episodes, Dean had sex with a random woman at a bar and found that she was miraculously pregnant the next day and by evening, he had a daughter who looked like a ten-year-old.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the sinister when it was revealed that the daughter, Emma, was expected to kill Dean as an initiation into the Amazon tribe to which she belonged. Naturally, it seemed unlikely that Dean would be able to kill her to save himself. But Sam turned up at the right moment and shot her, thus saving his brother. However, seeing how Dean’s daughter is effectively very much Sam’s daughter, killing her seems to be a dubious parenting choice.

8 Sam Teaching His Son To Hunt

Supernatural - Sam Winchester's Son Dean

If John faces the fans’ ire for inducting his sons into hunting, it follows that Sam too should be questioned for making the same choice.

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In the polarizing series finale, fans were given a glimpse of Sam’s son, young Dean, and it was heavily implied that Dean too had grown to be a hunter. He even sported the same tattoo that both Sam and Dean had had on their chests to keep themselves from being possessed. Now, once again the same question arises as did with John–should Sam have trained his son as a hunter or given him a relatively ‘normal’ life?

7 Dean Hating Jack

Alexander Calvert as Jack and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

One of the most poignant arcs in the latter half of the series followed the relationship between Dean and Jack. Dean hated Jack for the longest time, first because he was suspicious of him for being the son of, well, the Devil. And secondly, because Jack had been responsible for inadvertently killing Mary Winchester.

Jack, on the other hand, had a deep-seated desire to be accepted and loved by Dean whom he looked up to as a hunter and as almost a father figure. Of course, Dean did grow to love Jack in time as his own son, but not before making him miserable. His antipathy towards Jack for unwittingly killing Mary was understandable but his refusal to give the boy a chance because he was Lucifer’s son should be questioned.

6 Mary Acting Selfishly

Mary Supernatural

Mary, whose shocking death, set up the entire premise of the series way back in the pilot, was always remembered as a loving, deeply caring woman by Dean, the older son and the only one of the two brothers who remembered her at all.

Yet, after Mary came back in season 11, she seemed distant and even selfish to some extent, disappearing on her sons who would have given anything for her company. She even went and set up camp with the British Men of Letters, whom the brothers hated vehemently. While Mary’s confusion and disconnect from her now grown-up sons in a world she no longer understood is certainly understandable, one might question her decision to stay away from Sam and Dean a lot of the time after being reunited with them decades later.

5 Castiel Forgetting Claire Novak Much Of The Time

Remember Jimmy Novak, the devout believer who had let Castiel possess him? Possibly the most unlucky characters on the show were Jimmy’s daughter and wife, especially the latter who was ignored and then killed off almost unceremoniously.

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However, though Claire became a relatively important character eventually, she was still not given enough attention by Castiel himself. He had, after all, been responsible for her losing her father. Cas did feel some pangs of guilt at times, but he seemed to have forgotten her completely by the end, focusing solely on Jack as his son. Claire, who should have been given equal treatment as his daughter, got lost somewhere.

4 Crowley Showing Hitler’s Speeches To Young Amara

One of the most entertaining characters on the show, the King of Hell, Crowley, decided to kidnap young Amara and train her so that she would be an ally when things went south.

Now, of course, one has to consider that Crowley’s parenting choices could hardly not be twisted. But in any case, his decision to show young Amara Hitler’s Nuremberg speeches was questionable, to say the least.

3 Rowena Wanting Crowley Dead Until He Was

Another amazing antagonist-turned-Winchester-ally was Rowena McLeod. The sassy witch was selfish and manipulative, but an all-around hoot, much like her son, Crowley.

But while she was devastated at Crowley’s death in season 13, she had done her absolute best to get him murdered almost right until that point. She had even made a deal with Sam that the latter would kill Crowley in return for her help in decoding the Book of the Damned and removing the Mark of Cain from the inimitable Dean. A witch she was, yes, but her complete indifference towards and even apparent hatred for her son to the extent that she would want him dead seemed to take it a tad too far.

2 Lucifer Manipulating His Own Son

Supernatural was one show where the larger-than-life villains were just as, if not even more beloved than the protagonists themselves. Lucifer was sassy, fun, and a perpetual thorn in the flesh for the brothers Winchesters.

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One would have thought that Lucifer, in spite of what would be stereotypically expected of him, would at least have shown his own son some love. But it turned out that he didn’t break the mold after all. In the memorable season 13 finale, Lucifer manipulated his own son, telling him how the father and son duo would spend time together, luring him in, with the sole intent of taking his powers in the end. It was also he who tried to instigate Jack to kill Sam, and the boy ended up stabbing himself instead.

1 God Being A Terrible Parent All Around

Alexander Calvert as Jack and Rob Benedict as God in Supernatural

God, the ultimate nemesis in the series finale, didn’t just make dubious choices for humanity and for the various universes he had himself created, but he wasn’t a particularly good parent either. In fact, he was a terrible one.

God was shown to care neither for his sons–he killed Adam, the ‘good’ son who always wanted to please him and keep him content–and he even killed Jack, his own grandson. Of course, seeing that this was Supernatural, Jack was somehow brought back from the dead, but the reason he had ended up in the Empty was his own granddad.

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