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On November 23, Netflix released Wednesday, the very awaited show following the beloved eldest sibling from the Addams family. The series hasn’t disappointed the fans, and most people are convinced that Netflix will release a second season for this show.

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Since Wednesday left a lot of loose ends in the episode finale, fans are already discussing possible scenarios for the second season. From Tyler getting a redemption arc to Larissa Weems returning to the show, to several potential new villains, there are many exciting possibilities for the next season.

10/10 Marilyn Thornhill Could Return For The Second Season

Since viewers don’t see Marilyn being killed or taken to jail, this character may stay for another season. One of the best performances on Wednesday was Christina Ricci’s portrayal of this character. Seeing her reprise her role would be amazing, especially since she didn’t fully turn into an antagonist.

The first season of Wednesday sees Marylin as the puppet master behind Tyler’s murders, but she doesn’t fully act as the villain until the final episode. On top of that, most of her work consists of resurrecting William Crackstone, so fans would love to see her and Wednesday have a full-on confrontation.

9/10 Tyler Could Become An Ally In Following Seasons

At the end of the show, Tyler is seen leaving the back of the ambulance while turning into the hyde. This means that Tyler possibly escaped going to jail. He could still be an antagonistic figure in season two, but in the middle of the season, it’s possible that Tyler could change sides.

Even though Tyler is a villain, he earned the fans’ hearts. While he had already killed several students, many speculate he was always under the influence of Marylin Thornhill, a manipulative adult. Tyler could regret his murdering spree and join forces with Wednesday and her friends to stop Thornhill or any other villain arising in the second season.

8/10 Bianca’s Storyline Could Become More Relevant

Bianca from Wednesday.

Since the first season sets up an entire storyline around Bianca, fans of the show are already speculating that her mother will be a major villain in the second season. Bianca’s mother pressures her to leave school and join her to use their mermaid’s power for evil.

On top of that, she’s behind Morning Sun, a sort of cult that tries to scam people through a cellphone app. It’s possible that this subplot could become a major arc in the second season, and that Wednesday will combine the paranormal with technology. Since Bianca is a fan favorite, it would be great to see her confront her mother’s evil agenda.

7/10 Larissa Weems Could Return In Later Seasons

Principal Larissa Weems smiling in Wednesday.

Larissa Weems, the Headmaster of Nevermore Academy, dies in the final episode of Wednesday when Marilyn Thornhill poisons her. At the moment, it was clear that Weems didn’t survive the poison, dying practically instantly after being injected with it.

However, in a show with ghosts and resurrections, it wouldn’t be weird for Larissa to return to the show somehow. Netflix already pulled this off with Hopper in Stranger Things. No doubt fans would love for one of the quirkiest characters on Wednesday to return to the show.

6/10 It’s Possible That Xavier And Wednesday Have A Psychic Connection

Wednesday and Xavier may have a romance in Season 2

During the first season, Wednesday has visions of the hyde’s attacks whenever she touches something related to this creature. At the same time, Xavier has dreams about the monster, and he is obsessed with it so much that he fills his studio with pictures of the hyde.

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A Redditor is already speculating that Wednesday and Xavier have a psychic connection, which would explain that they both shared visions during the season. This could be explored during the second season while these two characters develop a romantic relationship.

5/10 Xavier Could Become A Villain In The Future

Xavier Thorpe from Wednesday.

Throughout the first season of Wednesday, Xavier has very erratic behavior. He obsessed over Wednesday after knowing her for very little time, even trying to convince Bianca to erase his memory, and he reacts very explosively to certain situations.

This has led fans to believe that Xavier isn’t going to be a romantic interest, but a villain in the following seasons. On top of that, he looks similar to Garrett Gates. His obsession with Wednesday and his superpower could lead to Xavier becoming an antagonist. This would be an interesting development instead of giving Wednesday and Xavier the typical High School love story.

4/10 Enid Could Come Out As Bisexual

Emma Myers as Enid in Netflix's Wednesday.

Since Netflix is known for its inclusiveness, fans are waiting for the network to include LGBTQ+ characters in the show. In many ways, fans felt that Enid was the real main character of the show, and one of the most common theories about the show so far is that Enid Sinclair will come out as a bisexual character.

The basis for this theory is mostly Enid’s aesthetic, especially her pink and blue hair which is reminiscent of the bisexual flag. Besides, her family struggle resembles that of a queer person coming out of the closet. On top of that, from very early in the show, fans perceived amazing chemistry between Enid and Wednesday, and they’re already shipping them as Wenclair.

3/10 Yoko Could Be Wednesday’s Stalker

Wednesday Addams backed by her Nevermore peers

Since the show ended with Wednesday receiving a text message from an unknown number threatening to kill her, fans are already trying to pinpoint the stalker. Fans believe they’re a student from Nevermore Academy and already speculating they could be Yoko Tanaka.

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While Yoko doesn’t appear much in the show, she’s the vampire student in the Nevermore Academy with the most screen time. She’s a part of the Nightshade society, which gives her the necessary background to be trying to hurt Wednesday for some reason. However, her actual motivations would have to be disclosed during the second season.

2/10 Viewers Could Get A Glimpse Of The Addams’ Home

Gomez, Morticia, and Pugsley Addams in Wednesday

One of the times Netflix’s Wednesday completely missed the point was not depicting the Addams family home. In previous installments of the franchise, this place is a central part of the show, and it displays many of the eccentricities of this family.

However, viewers believe the famous house will appear in the following season. Many believe the show will begin with Wednesday spending the summer in her house, which could lead to many interactions between the Addams family before she moves back to Nevermore.

1/10 There Could Be Further Exploration Of The Addams’ Family Tree


The show’s first season followed Wednesday as she explored her psychic powers with the help of her ancestor, Goody Addams. This has inspired the viewers to create all sorts of theories about this character or other possible family members.

The Addams family is very interesting, with characters that already appeared in the show, such as Lurch and Uncle Fester. However, Wednesday didn’t include other famous characters from this family, like Cousin It or Grandmama Addams. On top of that, they could include new original characters.

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