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Err_connection_timed_out can be a head-scratcher if you haven’t encountered it before. This is an error warning that shows up whenever the server is not responding. It can find its way to your browser for several reasons. 

For instance, your local network connection has gone awry. Or, there is a temporary server glitch. These causes are just the tip of the iceberg because there are many reasons why this error comes up. 

You can, nevertheless, fix this issue. But, keep in mind that fixes can differ depending on the problem’s complexity. For instance, sometimes, your browser’s cache files give rise to err_connection_timed_out. That time the only way to fix it is by clearing them.

However, the problems aren’t always going to be easy nor are their solutions. That’s why we have listed fixes that address most of the causes behind the error.

What Does Err_connection_timed_out Mean?

Simply put, this error means that the website you are trying to access is taking longer than usual to respond to. As a result, you cannot connect to the website. 

There are many reasons why this happens. It could be due to your poor internet connectivity. Moreover, an excessive amount of browser and DNS cache are other culprits behind err_connection_timed_out. Some of the other causes are as follows:

Besides these, err_connection_timed_out also appears owing to many reasons such as the ones listed below:

  • Poor or limited internet connection.
  • Connection issues with the router
  • Browser cache files
  • Clash between firewall and servers
  • Outdated DNS cache
  • Oudated Network adapter driver
  • Corrupted Hosts files
  • How to Fix err_connection_timed_out

    For starters, make sure you have turned on your Wi-Fi. Then, check how stable your internet connection is. As there isn’t one sure-shot way to fix this, here are some more solutions.

    Checking the Stability of Your Internet Connection

    If your internet is fluctuating, then that might be causing err_connection_timed_out. Sometimes, restarting your router and modem helps to fix unidentified issues.

    Here’s how you can restart your router and modem:

    1. First, unplug your modem and then router from the power source.
    2. Wait for around 30 seconds.
    3. Plug in the modem and wait for 1-2 minutes. 
    4. Then, plug in your router and wait for a few minutes.

    Now, you can start your computer and log in to any site to see if the err_connection_timed_out is fixed. Also, make sure your device is not in Airplane mode.

    Clearing the Browsing Data

    Another straightforward solution is to clear the browsing data from your browser. The more cookies and cache, the slower your internet connection is going to be.

    Your browser piles up browsing data as you visit different sites. This data can act as a hindrance to your smooth internet connection. To clear the browsing data on Google Chrome, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the three-dot Chrome Menu in the top-right corner.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. Select Privacy and security.
    4. Choose the option to Clear browsing data.
    5. You will have three alternatives, Browsing history, Cookies, and Cached files.
    6. After you check these three options, click on Clear data.
      clear-browsing-data (1)

    Running Browser in Compatibility Mode

    If you’re looking for an easy fix, running your browser in compatibility mode can also resolve the error. You can enable the compatibility mode with these steps.

    1. Right-click on the browser’s icon.
    2. Go to Properties.
    3. Click on the Compatibility tab, next to Shortcut.
    4. Under Compatibility mode, tick the checkbox ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for.’
    5. Next, from the drop-down menu, select an older version of Windows.
    6. Click Apply and then, OK.

    Changing Proxy Settings

    Proxies act in your best interest by securing your device and enabling privacy. They do so by hiding your IP address. But, this protection also gives rise to errors like err_connection_timed_out.

    To fix this, you can change the proxy settings on your device.

    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. Select Network & Internet.
    3. In the right pane, select Internet Options.
    4. Select the Connections tab, next to Content.
    5. At the bottom-right, select LAN settings.
    6. Then, uncheck all the proxy settings. Click on OK.

    On Mac

    1. Open System Preferences.
    2. Select Network.
    3. Then, click on your network connection type.
    4. Click on Advanced.
    5. Click on Proxies.
    6. Uncheck each protocol from the list. Press OK.Disable-Proxy-in-Mac

    Disabling Firewall

    Firewalls govern the network traffic to secure your system. This can lag your internet connection thus, leading to error. 

    The disposal of firewalls and similar apps can help fix this error. You can also disable the Firewall briefly if you don’t want to give up the safety that firewalls provide.

    1. Go to Control Panel.
    2. Click on System & Security.
    3. Select Windows Defender Firewall.
    4. Click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
    5. Click on Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) based on the type of network you use.
    6. After that, hit Ok.

    Flush Your DNS Cache

    The DNS cache builds up with internet browsing. The DNS cache includes IP addresses and records of sites which makes it easy to load those sites in the future. But, over time it gets piled up and gets outdated.

    Flushing the DNS cache and resetting DNS can help you unload this data. This fixes connection problems and reduces the chances of running into the err_connection_timed_out substantially. 

    On Windows

    To flush the DNS cache in Windows, you have to use the Command Prompt.

    1.  Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
    2.  Type ‘cmd’ in the dialogue box and hit OK.
    3. Then, type the following commands in the given order and press Enter after each command:

    On Mac

    To flush the DNS cache in Mac, you should:

    1. Go to Applications.
    2. Select Utilities and then, click on the Terminal application on your Mac.
    3. Then, write the command sudo dscacheutil –flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder.
    4. Press Enter
    5. Type your Mac’s password and hit Enter.

    Updating Network Adapter Driver

    Outdated network adapter drivers can also affect the internet connection. As a result, you find yourself stuck with connection errors.

    Here are the steps to update your network driver:

    1. Press Windows key + X
    2. Select Device Manager
    3. Expand the Network Adapters.
    4. Select your Network Adapter Name.
    5. Right-click on it and choose Update Driver.Device-manager-update-network-driver
    6. Then, select Search automatically for drivers.

    After the network adapter driver installs, restart your device. You can then assess if that fixed err_connection_timed_out.

    Removing Extensions

    Extensions come in handy, sure, but it’s not always safe. Such extensions not only risk privacy but also cause connection errors. If you have any extension from an unreliable source, you should let it go. 

    1. Click on the three-dot icon on your Google chrome.
    2. Select More Tools.
    3. Then, click on Extensions. You will find all the extensions you have enabled.
    4. Then, slide the toggle button to the left to remove the extensions.disable-extension

    You can, then, restart your browser and visit the website you were previously denied access.

    Switching to Another DNS Server

    You can change your DNS Server for better speed and security. If you struggle with a bad internet connection, which leads to errors like err_connection_timed_out then, switching to another DNS server might be one solution.

    Among public DNS server options, Google and Cloudflare are the top contenders. So, you might want to choose these servers over others for safety and privacy concerns.

    If you are looking to switch to Google’s public DNS server, here’s how.

    1. Click on Start Menu and select Settings.
    2. Select Network & Internet. In the right panel, you will find Change Adapter Options if you scroll down enough.
    3. After that, choose the connection that you want to replace. Then, select Properties.
    4. If you have not logged into your Admin Account, you will be asked to enter the admin password
    5. On the Networking tab, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.ipv4-properties
    6. Under the General tab, click on ‘Use the following DNS Server addresses.’
    7. Type the following IP address:
      • Preferred DNS Servers:
      • Alternate DNS Servers:
    8. Finally, click OK and you are good to go.

    Editing the Hosts File

    Another additional fix for the err_connection_timed_out is editing the hosts’ file. The hosts’ file tends to block certain websites thereby, causing the connection error.

    You can make necessary changes to the hosts’ files to stop this. The simplest approach to attain this would be following these steps.

    1. Open Notepad or any other text editor, for that matter.
    2. Go to File and select Open.
    3. Then, find the host file location at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\.
    4. To the bottom right, select All Files in the file mode and click on hosts. Then, hit Open.
    5. A file will open. In that file, you will see a section with no hashtags.
    6. Select and erase them.
    7. Save the file, and restart your device.

    Network Troubleshooting

    You can also tap into the network troubleshooting feature. This helps to detect and fix minor connection errors. Here are the steps you will need to run the network troubleshooting in Windows.

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Select Network & Internet.
    3. Hit click on Status.
    4. Select Network Troubleshooter.status-network-troubleshooter

    Using Network Reset

    If none of the above fixes work, you can use network reset as your final fix. Using network reset removes the installed network adapters and their settings.

    Then, the network adapters will be reinstalled while their settings will be set to default after your device restarts. You can do this with these steps.

    1. Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
    2. Select Network & Internet.
    3. Under Advanced network settings, click on Network reset.
    4. Select Reset now on the next screen.reset-network--reset-now
    5. Click Yes to confirm.

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