12 Year Old, Fake Anonymous Hacker Gets Trolled!

In this video I will be trolling this kid who claims to be a 14 year old and thinks he is part of the Anonymous hacking association. The person being trolled…

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12 thoughts on “12 Year Old, Fake Anonymous Hacker Gets Trolled!

  1. Krazy893

    Lol wow it’s funny to see how kids think their cool for saying they got
    nice vid btw that was entertaining when he starting saying he was going to

  2. Frosty Gaming

    Annonymous isnt a group it’s an idea

  3. Dominic L.

    He’s a dumbass! XD You don’t say out loud when your DDosing someone!

  4. Anthony M

    (Legion DDOS) Lmfao. He is most likely using Cain & Abel to get your IP
    Address and using online stressers to try to ‘boot’ you offline. 

  5. wara kapola

    anonymous is not about hacking…

  6. devyndjbLOL

    Give me his gamertag, i wanna have a talk with this skid

  7. unknown38turk

    This video is awesome hahahahhahhaa

    ‘Victim IP, uhhmmmm Ddos ready’ this kid is a genius!