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Check 15 Firefox Collections To Suit Your Online Browsing Needs

Are you a fan of Firefox add-ons? They make your life easier by automating many of the things you do with your favorite browser. In fact, there are collections that Firefox users have put together to benefit other Firefox users. These are called Firefox Collections.

Firefox collections make it easy keep track of your favorite plugins Y share them with the world. You can follow any collection to keep track of updates (newly added plugins), test recommended plugins, and even try new ones. Most of these collections have the plugin ratings to help you decide, and these collections are often better targeted and more actively selected by the collection owners.

These are just a few of the Firefox collections that I have come across and that I am sure will help you in one way or another. From travel and social plugins to productivity and privacy focused plugins, you will find a wide range of items on the list. We’ll see.

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Toolbox for web developers

Firefox has a great selection of web development plugins and this collection brings together the best of them. So far there are 14 plugins to help you troubleshoot, edit Y debug web projects all of inside firefox.

Main plugins: Firebug, Greasemonkey, Stylish, iMacros, User Agent Switcher, Web Developer.

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Reference desk

Looking for the best way to Document useful web pages, links, text, and images.? This collection is ideal for students, researchers, writers, bloggers, or anyone else who does a lot of research on the web or maybe those who like to save things for later.

Main plugins: Evernote Web Clipper, Pocket, ScrapBook, StumbleUpon, SimilarWeb.

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Family organizer

As the name implies, this collection is aimed at families. The listed plugins can be used to create a “Safe and fun online experience” for mothers, fathers and children. So far there are only 6 on the list, but let’s hope it gets actively updated.

Main plugins: Trusted Web, ReminderFox, Integrated Inbox, FoxFilter.

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Traveler package

If you travel a lot and you usually plan the trips yourself, having plugins to help with the process (planning, booking, documentation) can go a long way. That is exactly what this collection aims to do.

Main plugins: Self-destruct cookies (useful if you are planning a surprise trip), Forecastfox Weather, FoxClocks, Simple Currency Converter.

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Firebug plugins

Firebug is a very popular web development tool that integrates with Firefox. You can use it to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for any web page. If you use Firebug frequently, this collection is a great way to keep up with plugins to help extend this awesome tool.

Main plugins: Firebug, YSlow, FirePHP, CodeBurner, FireQuery, Firefinder.

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The Paranoid Kit

There are quite a few privacy / security collections, but I really like this one because the collector has taken the time to write one Useful note for each featured plugin. The selected security plugins are said to be “relatively passive and cause minimal disruption to typical daily browsing.”

Main plugins: Adblock Plus, NoScript, LastPass, User Agent Switcher, BetterPrivacy, Lightbeam.

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Online shopping

This collection will be really useful for any special holiday when the shopping deals are at their best. Whether you’re a shopaholic or just like to save money when shopping, these add-ons can help you do just that. Now you will never miss out on those great deals!

Main plugins: CouponsHelper, Ciuvo – Price check in your browser, PriceBlink, Boo.ly Shopping, Amazon 1Button app, InvisibleHand.

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Plugins for Google Products

Do you use all or most of Google’s products like YouTube, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google search? If so, this collection can help make using these tools even easier. The plugins in this list can extend the functionality of the most popular Google services.

Main plugins: Video Helper, Feedly (a replacement for Google Reader), Gmail Manager, SearchPreview, Google Shortcuts, Shareaholic.

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Social circuit

Are you a social media addict or do you just like to share cool stuff on your social media accounts? Then this collection is for you. Includes social networks plugins to help make sharing easierand to give you easy access to the most popular social sites.

Main plugins: ChatZilla, StumbleUpon, Facebook Toolbar, Yoono, Thumbnail Zoom, Shareaholic.

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Sports fanatic

The name says it all. If you are a sports fanatic, the accessories in the collection are sure to help you satisfy your addiction to sports. These plugins can help you get the latest scores, highlights and news for your favorite sports team.

Main plugins: FootieFox, are you watching this? Sports, Pickemfirst Fantasy Sports.

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In case The Paranoid Kit collection doesn’t meet your needs, this is another privacy collection that comes in handy too. The plugins listed are more geared towards making you anonymous on the web in addition to covering and erasing your tracks.

Main plugins: Adblock Plus, anonymoX, NoScript, Ghostery, Web Of Trust, BetterPrivacy.

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Gmail add-ons you must have

Gmail is a great online email service, but you can make it even better with the plugins in this collection. Whether you want to get notified of new email messages, bring all your favorite Google services to Gmail, or add a cool email signature, this collection is perfect for work.

Main plugins: X-notifier, Gmail Manager, Integrated Inbox, WiseStamp.

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Web Application Security Penetration Testing

This is definitely an interesting collection; is said to include “Web Hacking Tools” for Firefox. In addition to the usual ones like Firebug, Greasemonkey, and User Agent Switcher, you will find plugins listed to help you debug JavaScript, view and modify HTTP / HTTPS, view JSON documents, test SQL injection vulnerabilities, and much more.

Main plugins: Firebug, Greasemonkey, iMacros, User Agent Switcher, Web Developer, FoxyProxy.

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Web Pro

The aforementioned web developer toolbox is a collection for web developers only, but this Web Pro collection is for Developers and web designers. Some of the listed plugins may overlap, but you will find many useful plugins for designers and even a few different ones for developers.

Main plugins: Video Helper, Firebug, DownThemAll!, Greasemonkey, iMacros, Flagfox.

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Firefox Accessibility Plugins

This is a really thoughtful collection to say the least. The listed plugins have been tested by the compiler and found to very useful for visually impaired people. The collection focuses on “a user’s interactions with sites and Firefox.”

So if you have any kind of visual disability (visually impaired, visually impaired, legally blind), or just having difficulty viewing specific web pages, these plugins should be able to help you see better in Firefox.

Main plugins: Adblock Plus, Elegant, Tab Mix Plus, Web Developer, FireGestures, ColorfulTabs.

Now that you know more about Firefox collections and the best ones to watch and / or follow, please let us know which collections you are following or plan to follow..

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Final words: 15 Firefox Collections To Suit Your Online Browsing Needs

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