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Our list of funny female dating profile examples has such witty (and sometimes, hilarious) bios that you’ll be having a tough time deciding which one to pick for your headliner. Similar to what we did in 16 funny Bumble bios for females, we’ll give you hints and suggestions on how to adjust them to suit your personality perfectly.

What is a good headline for a dating profile? Well, it’s usually brief, and what better way to get someone’s attention by making them smile. Some of our suggestions are only a line long, yet they’re completely on point.

2020 has been a long and frustrating year, and definitely not the best one if you are trying to date. The pandemic has made it ever more impossible to meet someone you’d like, but it has also more people inclined to date or look for love online as the loneliness of social distancing weighs in. This has also meant that it’s time for dating to evolve and become more virtual! Dating apps are quickly catching on the changes in dating styles and the need of the hour with social distancing are online dates! Apps like Woo and Hinge and dating sites like Match.com (NASDAQ:MTCH) are quickly becoming the next best alternative for dating. This shows in Match Group’s shares currently trading at $138.23 as opposed to $75 in the beginning of the year. Check out our article on why Match Group (MTCH) stock is a compelling investment case, where we explain why it is the perfect time to be investing in Match Group shares.

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The whole scenario makes it even more important for your profile bios to be as eye-catching as possible! The best dating profile text can work in several ways. First of all, it can be funny and intriguing, inspiring the person to text you and see what it’s all about. Next, your bio can be eye-catching because you’re mentioning food and drinks, and let’s be honest, these are two very positive associations that every best Tinder bio for girl should have in order to get you loads of swipes or clicks.

Another way to attract someone similar to you is to write the good old About Me/About You bio. You’ll find some nice examples right here on these pages. Finally, we’ve added some one-liners that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but after all, neither are you, so don’t be afraid to risk it. You’re looking for a match, not just stacking funny Tinder profiles for your own amusement.

In order to provide you with nothing but the best, we roamed through dating profile examples by female app lovers at Pinterest, Demilked, Zoosk , SwipeLIfe, and had to go back to Pinterest one more time, because they had such great girl dating bios.

What was our strategy for choosing the best ones? Well, we immediately excluded all those that required demands that are too hard to meet. For instance, try to recall those humorous girl bios in which it states that she loves going on paragliding adventures, but you’ve really got vertigo! Or, how about that Tinder bio for a girl in which she states she can bring you back to life because she’s a respiratory technician at the hospital? That’s all nice and neat, but you can’t take up any courses at the moment. You’re just trying to date, for heaven’s sake, not build up your CV.

Therefore, we tried to make the bios as much as adaptable as possible. Admittedly, the list is left random. When it comes to laughter, it’s just hard to say which of these woman dating bios is the funniest. But what we can vouch for with certainty is that each of them fills up your mailbox.

So, without further ado, check out what we’ve compiled as some of the best funny female dating profile examples, and get ready for tons of dates!

16. “On our first date, I’ll carve our names in a tree. It’s the most romantic way to let you know I have knives.”

This will probably genuinely appeal to a man (or woman) who’s into hunting and firearms. On the other hand, you needn’t be a cold arms aficionado. You’ll still have a full DM because people will wish to know if you are really that dangerous. An intriguing bio, to say the least.


15. “About Me: I like to sing-talk, guys with messy hair, reading the New Yorker on Sunday mornings, and funny voices.

About You: If you’re still reading this, that’s pretty good. Let’s do this.”

Could you make it any clearer? Guys like having it spelled out for them, and this is one of the most straightforward funny female dating profile examples. Another great thing — you have a call to action right there (“Let’s do this.”).

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14. “I enjoy long walks on the beach with my boyfriend, until the acid wears off and I realize I’ve been dragging a naked mannequin around a Danny’s parking lot for 12 hours”

To some, it may seem mildly disturbing. Yet, you will definitely weed out all those guys that don’t share the same sense of humor like you with this one. You’re bound to find someone just like you.

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13. “All you need to lure me into your car is wine and pizza.”

Or beer and pizza. Chances are, you’ve just mentioned two of his favorite things, and maybe even hinted at the third one (sexual activity). Also, this is as brief a bio as it gets, which sends the message you know what you want.

attractive, beach, beautiful, blue, body, brunette, carelessness, casual, caucasian, coast, day, down, enjoyment, female, fruit, girl, glamour, glass, holiday, idyllic, infinity, leg, leisure, lifestyle, lying, meditating, nature, ocean, outdoor, paradise, people, perfect, person, product, relax, relaxation, resort, rest, sea, shore, summer, sunny, travel, tropical, vacation, water, white, wine, woman, young

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12. “About Me: Likes poop jokes, can stay out late on a school night, and isn’t afraid to talk politics on a first date.

About You: tolerates my poop jokes, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and likes a healthy debate.”

About me — About you is a good old dating bio that never goes out of fashion. You can alter it to fit your personality, and with a bit of luck (though by reading these 16 funny female dating profile examples, you know there’s a lot to research, not just sheer luck), you’ll attract the person of your dreams!

Funny Bumble Bios for Females


11. “Gryffindor, social media consultant, big sister, comedian.

(Okay, that last one isn’t true)”

Of course, it is true, but that’s exactly how you show off you’re the witty one on the dating app. You can alter these in the way that you wish, and you needn’t even like Harry Potter at all, but pick something else instead.

academic, answer, attractive, brainstorming, clever, cognitive, confusion, contemplation, copyspace, creativity, expression, eyeglasses, finger, forgetful, geeky, gesture, glasses, grimace, imagination, innovation, inspiration, intelligence, logic, meditative, mental, musing, nerdy, originality, planning, pondering, pretty, problem, puzzlement, query, quizzical, raised, scholarly, solution, spectacles, stereotypical, strategy, thinking, thoughtful, thoughts, twenties, unknown, visionary, woman, wondering, young

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10. “The girl doesn’t stop” — My best friend Erin.

“Excellent incisors. And she flosses.” — Dr.Dar, my dentist

“She’s not as crazy as she looks.” — My ex-boyfriend.

You may wish to leave the ex out of the picture, but otherwise, such funny female dating profile examples work like a charm.

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9. “Passionate goblin with 10+ years of experience, seeking to increase profitability for the National Goblin Association. At Goblin headquarters, slashed costs by 32% in 6 months by implementing Bloodletting training across all departments. Cut stockroom waste by 65% with new garbage binging techniques. Skilled in bone cleaning, whispering while in the dark, and proficient in Microsoft office.”

It’s a lengthy one. Do you really need to be a goblin for this one? Of course not. Just invent whatever character you wish and get ready for some online role-playing.

Funny Bumble Bios for Females


.8. “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.”

Ain’t no shame in being a sight for sore eyes, and who says sexy doesn’t go with charming or witty? This is a good conversation starter as well. What is life all about…?

Pixabay/Public Domain

7. “I’m the kinda girl you can take home to your family. I will then get closer to them than you are and we’ll slowly phase you out.”

In a nutshell, you’re a real cutie, but maybe even a bit dangerous. Sweet and spicy, you’ll get all the swiping right a good girl could wish for.


6. “I was in New Orleans when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Long story short, my nipple may or may not have been pierced.”

It’s a real mystery. Truth be told, this could be used by a guy as well. The person reading will immediately be thinking of your nipples, naturally, and have a great desire to see them, so expect such requests as soon as you post this one. A bit of sexiness in funny female dating profile examples.

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