17. 43 see red over failed China tour

MALAYSIA Nanban highlighted the plight of 43 Malaysians who were trying to get back RM79,101 from a Klang-based travel company that had failed to arrange their tour to China in May 2010.

The group went to the firm on Thursday to demand the refund but the manager requested for a week to settle it.

M. Mariayee, 43, said she paid for the visas and tickets in February 2010 and was issued the air tickets. She said she was shocked when the group was not allowed to check in at the airport because payment for the tickets had not been made.

She said the manager had alleged that a worker had absconded with the money.

Parents have been urged to monitor their children surfing the Internet to check the spread of negative influences among the young, Tamil Nesan reported.

Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Heng Seai Kie said parents should limit the use of the Internet to ensure their children did not engage in immoral activities or become victims of cyber crime.

Cyber crime doubled to 3,064 cases last year.

Makkal Osai said a disabled man from Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu, South India, resorted to begging in Madurai because his pay as a labourer was not enough to support his daughter’s dream of becoming an IT professional.

M. Ravichandran, who lost his right leg in a train accident, said he kept his moonlighting as a beggar a secret from his wife and children.

He visits them twice a month in Pudukottai with the money he makes from begging.

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