17-year-old charged with voyeurism as police investigate social media hacking case

Vancouver police arrested a 17-year-old boy on voyeurism charges while investigating a case where someone hacked into a girl’s social media account and shared nude photos of her.

The Vancouver Police School Resource Officer assigned to Union High School first began investigating the incident on Monday, September 18.

A girl at the school told the officer someone hacked into her social media accounts, accessed nude photos that were stored in a private part of the account, and shared them with other students.

Detectives from the Vancouver Police Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit interviewed several students from the school Thursday. While doing a warrant search of several phones, detectives found one that had “up skirt-type videos,” a spokesperson for Vancouver Police said.

On Friday, Vancouver police arrested the 17-year-old boy who owned the phone. He was booked in the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center on 15 counts of first-degree voyeurism. He is expected back in court on Oct. 9th.

Investigators have not made any arrests relating to the initial hacking incident.

“There could be more charges, there could be more arrests in this investigation,” Vancouver Police Department Public Information Coordinator Kim Kapp told KATU News. “We haven’t made an arrest relating to the initial incident.”

Kapp said the student did the right thing by reporting the incident to a student resource officer. Officials said the best advice for parents is to make sure your child feels comfortable talking about potentially embarrassing things without the fear of judgement. The best line of defense, they say, is talking.

Crimes like these have become so prevalent, Kapp says, the Vancouver Police Department has a division dedicated just to cyber crimes.

“We want to make sure people like that that are preying via digital means and the internet are arrested,” Kapp said.

The teenage suspect arrested on voyeurism charges will be back in court on October 9.


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