18-year-old Huntsville hacker working full-time as cyber defense analyst



Aleta Technologies cyber defense analyst Timothy Mullican says he’s living comfortably at the age of 18. This makes sense, as he drives a 2013 Porsche Boxster to work.

When asked if he makes a comfortably living, Mullican replied, “I would say yes. I haven’t calculated it in awhile though.”

Mullican was one of the youngest-ever certified ethical hackers when he became one at age 16. At 15 he took a computer class taught by Ben McGee, chief scientist at Aleta.

“At the time I was a little shocked that a 15 year old could actually think that he could pass,” McGee says. He passed with flying colors.

McGee told Aleta Technologies President & CEO Jay Kurowsky about this computer whiz, and Kurowsky eventually hired him full-time, well before he even graduated high school.

“He can get his associates degree along with his high school diploma,” Kurowsky says, “and he works here full-time, and does a great job for us.”

Mullican is already on the fast track through college. He plans to have a master’s degree in cybersecurity by age 21. Although his dedication toward hacking makes him one of the more sought after in his field, Mullican says he wouldn’t have predicted the success he has had.

“If you would have told me six or seven years ago, I’d be where I am now, I would have been like no way, that’s pretty insane!”

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