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2023 ransomware statistics: Number of double-extortion attacks skyrocket | #ransomware | #cybercrime

The number of ransomware groups engaging in multipoint ransomware activities, also known as double-tap or double-extortion methods, to pressure targets into acceding to their ransom demands has been surging over the past three quarters of the year, reports SiliconAngle.

Cybersecurity company WithSecure Oyj revealed in its new report that 29 of the 60 multipoint extortion ransomware groups it has been tracking in the first nine months of 2023 are new players. These new groups appear to follow playbooks set by older ransomware gangs. “Many of the new groups weve seen this year have clear lineage in older ransomware operations,” noted Ziggy Davies, a threat intelligence analyst at WithSecure. “For example, Akira and several other groups share many similarities with the now-defunct Conti group and are likely former Conti affiliates.” In addition, the number of data leaks from ransomware groups during this period was up 50% compared to last year. Twenty-five percent of those leaks were made by ransomware gangs that emerged this year, and only six groups have posted a new victim each month so far in 2023.

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