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GREELEY, CO – DECEMBER 08:The Greeley Police Department stands at 2875 West 10th St. in Greeley Dec. 8, 2020. (Alex McIntyre/Staff Photographer)

The Greeley Police Department has verified 284 addresses of registered sex offenders living in the city as part of a large-scale operation.

Between March and May, Greeley police and the U.S. Marshal’s Office conducted several address verification operations, according to a department news release. Police verify the addresses to comply with Colorado law and protect the community.

A two-officer team completed 17 eight-hour shifts for a total of 360 address checks, the release said. The team verified 284 addresses, leaving 77 unverified.

Police said the remaining addresses are unverified for many reasons, including the offender was at work or not home at the time of the check, death or absconding from justice, which is leaving a jurisdiction secretly or suddenly to avoid arrest or prosecution.

The team will conduct further checks on the remaining unverified addresses and conduct additional investigations as needed.

Police reported a few notable events that occurred during the operations period — some of which weren’t directly related to actual checks:

  • One offender was arrested after police found out he moved and did not register;
  • One offender was arrested after he was found living at an unregistered address;
  • One offender had moved from Greeley and registered elsewhere;
  • Two warrants were requested for offenders who did not register and are now homeless;
  • Multiple arrest warrants were issued for both sex offense crimes and non-sex offense crimes;
  • One sex offender was arrested in Mississippi.​

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