2nd International Conference on Business & Cyber Security (ICBCS)

Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation (CILN), UK &
International Journal of Business and Cyber Security (IJBCS)

Holiday Inn, Regents Park, Carburton Street, London W1W 5EE

15th – 16th May 2017

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation will be hosting the 2nd International Conference on Business & Cyber Security in London.

To date the vast majority of businesses and public and private institutions still view cyber security as a peripheral issue that is primarily concern of the IT Department. Whilst this mind set is unlikely to change radically any time soon, there is a growing appreciation that businesses and individuals need to be far more aware and proactive.

Knowledge Sharing
Foresight planning, bespoke training and whole staff awareness are essential if the appropriate systems and procedures are to be put in place that will stand a chance of thwarting those with nefarious intentions. Where once academia and business had little interaction, there is a growing realisation that it is imperative that research and practical insights are exchanged and thus the International Conference on Business & Cyber Security (ICBCS) has come into being, as a an annual forum for just such knowledge sharing.

Ongoing threat
Whilst globalisation, the Internet and new technology platforms have afforded the world of business a wealth of exciting opportunities, it is equally true that they have also provided those of a criminal disposition with innumerable new roots to deceive, defraud, intimidate, threaten and destroy. Criminality in the cybersphere is growing at an exponential rate and requires action now.

This important conference seeks both to raise awareness and enable practitioners and researchers from across the globe to come together with a view to gaining fresh insight. ICBCS 2017 aims to be conducive environment in which to forge purposeful partnerships, as well as being a conduit by which innovative and ground breaking research is brought into the public realm.

ICBCS 2017 is particularly keen to see participation by representatives from the following sectors:
Financial Services, the Public Utilities (Water, gas, electricity etc.) and Healthcare Provision.

We invite thought leaders and specialists in the field of business, cyber security and other related areas such as foresight planning, public policy, and social and behavioural sciences, as well as companies, industry consultants, analysts and practitioners to attend ICBCS 2017.


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