2nd International Conference on Business/ Cyber Security

May 15 – 16, 2017 | London, UK

Cyber Conference Overview:
The International Conference on Business & Cyber Security (ICBCS) seeks to address something of the knowledge deficit that exists, as well as being a forum that brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and those who have the foresight to appreciate the growing importance of this area of research. Companies are increasingly aware of the need to ensure that they have a trained work force that is equipped with a range of competencies and skill sets suitable for an era of globalisation and increased competition, yet often overlook the need for cyber resilience and the 360 degree awareness of the risk required in this age of digital connectivity. Economic pressures have added to the dynamic and raise important questions with regard to policy, staffing, resources and to the prevailing ethos especially at a leadership and management level. People directly involved in the world of business recognize that the technological frontiers are changing and as a result there needs to be a willingness to embrace and adapt to change. For many these are times of dizzying change, for others the scope for new customers and partnership and stakeholder engagement affords exciting opportunities. A goodly body of evidence exists to demonstrate that a growing number of organisations have moved towards the integration of SIEM (Secure Incident and Event Management) to detect malicious activity, that said, so much more remains to be done.


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