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Make these side-hustles your personal project in 2024

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The New Year is almost here and so is the pressure to start working on and achieving the goals you have set for next year

For cybersecurity professionals, I am sure that most of you would have set those amazing career goals of learning a new cybersecurity skill or cert but I want to add something else which is ..

Start a new Cybersecurity side-hustle in 2024

I cannot stress how important this is in today’s world

  • Layoffs are still going on
  • The threat of a recession is still present
  • Inflation is still killing everyone’s wallets

It is crazy to simply rely on your 9 to 5 job no matter how well you are being paid

The good news is that there are some great ways to monetize your cybersecurity knowledge and make some extra $$$ on the side

Here are a few of the cybersecurity side hustles I have tried myself to varying degrees of success

If you have a skill on Cybersecurity then make a course about it

Use a platform like Udemy which does everything for you and launch your first course

The minimum length is 30 minutes and all you need is PowerPoint for the slides and Zoom for recording

Your courses will probably not do all that well but I guarantee you will get better over time and start building traction the more you learn

My first courses flopped into Internet oblivion but I got better the more courses I made and now I have had multiple courses with the highest-rated and best-selling tags on Udemy

Once you have gotten used to it and built a following then you can self-host a course on your own website or platform and make some serious $$$


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