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30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’t | #daitngscams | #lovescams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

The more technology and communication progress, the more scams are thriving. It has become easier for scammers to reach potential victims and carry out their schemes. From phishing emails to fake online stores, there are countless ways that scammers can take advantage of people who are not cautious.

However, while it is always important to be wary of scams, it is also important to not jump to conclusions and assume that everything that seems too good to be true is a scam. It is important to do research and be cautious in order to avoid scams and find legitimate opportunities that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Lots of people these days assume that everything online is basically a scam, which is why this Redditor wanted to know: “What do people think is a scam but they just don’t understand?” and people gave some great answers on this topic that might give you some really important insights.

Socialized Healthcare, apparently. “but I’m not sick and I don’t wann apay for other people and never use it” blah blah blah. You could fall flat on your face and second and need 500 bucks worth of stitches and painkillers. You can get run over at no fault of your own. You can have a fricking aneurysm. Getting regular checkups is even gonna bring your premiums down, the insurance would rather pay 50-100 for a yearly dental checkup than 15k in prosthetics because all your teeth rotted out because you didn’t see anyone in 10 years.

Why is the concept of socialism so scary to some Americans? What’s so bad about it? Being able to rely on the community? If I get sick, I don’t bankrupt myself. If I lose my job, I won’t lose my home and can still live a frugal, but dignified life.

I would rather live a life with a lot of security and all the same options than a life with 0 security but “mah freedomz”. Medical debt bankruptcy is not freedom.

lordoftoastonearth Report

Prof. Robert Kerton, Former President of the American Council on Consumer Interests, gave us some important tips for noticing scams: “The most brilliant warning light flashes when the unexpected phone or online contact explains why you must not contact anyone about the issue. You are about to be scammed. That warning light ‘Do not contact anyone’ means you are at serious risk. Don’t hang around, hang up.

Often the caller has a tried-and-true way to frighten you into submission. A different strategy is a promise to get rich quick. Don’t ask questions: disconnect. Your questions are predictable. Scammers have effective tactics – based on their experience – designed to get you to provide cash, or access to your bank account. If you are habitually polite, say ‘No thank you’ and hang up.”

Vaccines and vaccination.
Not me, but those who are anti vaccination really have no understanding of virology, immunology, epidemiology or how to assess relative risk. They probably fall into many of the other things that they “think is a scam but they don’t understand.”

dead_jester , Gustavo Fring Report

We asked Redditor Balisto2222 (Twitch) what they think is a scam and why people think things that are not scams are: “From my understanding, a scam is an electronic or analog bait to fool people into trusting the baiter with valuables (information, money or whatever). People are either unfamiliar with the meaning of ‘scam’ or get suspicious too quickly.”

Everyone keeps telling me the Nigerian prince that’s been messaging me for the last week and a half is a scammer but they just don’t understand our love.

PastaPapaEJ Report

They also gave some advice for not falling for scams: “THINK. BEFORE. DOING. It’s the most effective way to not fall for scams or even receive scams in the first place. Mainly consider: 1) is there anything suspicious about the ‘scam’? (ex. any private information you need to enter, do you have to do something on an external medium like a website or download, etc.) 2) Where does the “scam” come from? (Do you know the issuer, is the issuer’s account/contact information legit, how long has it been active, etc.) 3) Is the motive of the bait itself suspicious in any way (too good to be true, simply unnecessary or excessive, etc.).

To prevent potential scams or any harmful threats towards you, simply don’t give away any contact information, whether on the internet or literally publicly. Sure, you may be contacted randomly by scammers at any point, but this would prevent any scam directly directed to you.”

My dad and online banking. You can check your balance, make transfers and even set up standing orders. “But my account will get hacked” is his response every single time.

Malcolmpargin , Joseph Frank Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tDeclining pay rises because they think they’ll pay more in tax and their take home will be less than before the pay rise.

EDIT: The amount of comments claiming it has happened to them is really disturbing. Learn how your taxes work people .

insane__knight , Karolina Grabowska Report

The Redditor also shared if they think scams will become more prominent: “Obviously as technology and insights about human behavior evolve there will be more and more scams that work in favor of the issuer utilizing those insights and technologies.”

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tWe had a gal in the telco who was retiring under a surplus – meaning they would pay her so much for each year she worked, in addition to her pension. She turned the money down because she didn’t want her taxes to be too high. I didn’t know her and heard about it after she left. The Union guys tried to explain it but she just would not listen. I don’t know if she thought it was a scam but she didn’t trust the IRS

ta0questi , Nataliya Vaitkevich Report

They also shared some of the more popular scams they’ve noticed: “Probably did, likely forgot, if I’m being honest. At least, as I have been actively moderating on Discord for the past 1.5 years, I’ll list off a couple examples of more subtle scams there, put as many as you wish in the article:

– Discord Nitro scam: someone from your friend list DMs you a gifted subscription to Discord Nitro, the link leading to a fake site that steals your login info once input and then uses your account to scam other people on your own friend list.

– Playtesting scam: Someone sends you a file or a link to a file, asking you politely to playtest the supposed game that, when run, hijacks your account, steals your information and uses all to further scam others.

– Steam report scam: by far the most popular scam lately, works by someone DMing you a fake screenshot of your account apparently scamming them, then telling you that they mass reported your account on Steam, if you believe them and continue talking the scammer leads you to another account of a supposed Steam moderator who sends you a link that gives them access to all your data if clicked.

– Cryptocurrency scam: widely popular on the internet and exists on Discord as well. Some account DMs you that you won some cryptocurrency and leads you to some external website or Discord server with an external verification process that hijacks your account and information.”

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tTravel Insurance.

It was great when they arranged all travel from overseas apartment to our house when child broke their ankle on an internship. Paid all of the our out of pocket expenses, including our deductibles/copays until child was functioning.

edit—we’re American

EntrepreneurOk7513 , Simon English Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tThe repair industry. I worked in home repair, small engine repair and computer repair shops years ago. A lot of people expected us to just fix things for free. Others would take it as an insult when we would quote prices or ask to be paid for a job. Send a bill and some people would ask why or what is this. Ask us why we were ripping them off even though the bill was itemized and the price was discussed before hand. It was a horrible industry to work in because of they way people are.

barvoues , Blaz Erzetic Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tMy dad and step mom once freaked the f**k out because the census was at our door. They said, “she doesnt have a marked car. It’s a scam” she had a badge and clipboard. Then my psycho step mom proceeded to get mad at me for opening the door. For the census.

anon , Enayet Raheem Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tVeterinary care.

People don’t understand that I can’t just dispense certain medications without seeing the patient first. Some of these medications could cause fatalities or worsen the situation if used/prescribed wrong!

Camachoan , Mikhail Nilov Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tI know I’m late to the party on this comment. But in America the sad answer is this is how people are stating to look at unions. People saying “I don’t wanna pay union dues every month” even though my dues cost me less then 2 hours of work a month and my wage is more then double what I would be making non union and that doesn’t count the benefits that aren’t even supplied to non union guys in this trade.

Bayareairon , SHVETS production Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tSome members of my family think internet providers are scammers because they pay for 400mbps download and think they will get 400mbps download on each device even if someone is watching Netflix or downloading at the same time on another computer.

themalaki , Manik Roy Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tThe stock market. Lots of people over worry about the short term, withdraw once it dips and never put back in. Never realizing the magic is in the long term

dajadf , Nicholas Cappello Report

Making two purchases. Everyone I know thinks they’re going to pay more tax if they make two purchases, rather than two items in a single purchase.

It boggles my mind that they dont understand when I try to explain that “14% of $20, twice, is the same as 14% of $40”

Hugebluestrapon Report

In the UK, student loans. Most know they are incredibly favourable, but I still see some talking about how bad they are. There is a minimum wage bracket to pay them back, you are only charged a percentage of the amount over the bracket you earn. For example if it were 10%, and bracket was £200, and you earn £220, you only pay £2. And the entire loan gets written off after 30 years.

Yes some people pay £300+ a month, but that’s when they are earning over £100,000 a year. If their earnings stop or go down, so do the payments.

IhaveaDoberman Report

Pet insurance. Everyone freaks out because you have to pay for the services up front and then the insurance pays you back. Everyone I’ve talked to won’t get it because “they won’t pay me back!” Or “If I have to pay up front anyway, what’s the point?” Look, when Fido gets cancer and needs chemo…you’re going to be thrilled you will be getting that $6k back (or whatever it is).

We have a Boxer, and they are known for cancer. My first one actually did die of cancer. So, every year we have to pay for a physical and cancer screening. It’s pricy, about $600 bucks. However, I get that money back every single time. Plus I have the reassurance that, if she gets sick, I’m covered.

I highly recommend pet insurance.

bookworm1421 Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tThere was a time when my parents thought buying stuff online and paying with a credit card it’s a scam, took me a while to convince them that if you know which sites are good to order from and which are bad, you can actually avoid scams.

TheDarkGrenadeX , cottonbro studio Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tAirline / Hotel / Credit Card rewards. They take a lot of time and a 100% commitment to never, ever carrying a balance, but you can definitely earn a lot of rewards even without playing the churning games. The community is amazing for anyone wanting to get started.

drunkenlout , Matt Hardy Report

Credit card points. Literally free money if you have an ounce of discipline.

TOS7000 Report

Berea college. It’s the only college in America that guarantees 0$ in tuition for every accepted student. When people hear that, they immediately think it’s some kind of scam.

Shadowdragon409 Report

30 Internet Users Share What A Lot Of People Think Is A Scam When It Really Isn’tBuying a beginning band instrument, then buying a step-up instrument within a couple of years

anon , Wes Hicks Report

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