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Hey all,
I wanted to share a quick cool project regarding “native” Mega Badge creation with Advanced Badge Editor and Simple Badge Injector.

While making custom mega badges may seem as simple as splitting the images into equal pieces, it is acceptable, but it looks ugly when the badge is selected, as it only shows one piece and not the whole mega badge.

As an experiment, I went to load my Nintendo Badge Arcade save file that I’d backed up before shutdown, and see how the system registers mega badges. Since I only started doing the Badge Arcade collection after the eShop shut down, I only had two types of mega badges. A four-piece square mega badge, and a two-piece upright rectangle mega badge. The badges’ sub ID is shown as below:

Four-piece Square Badge:

A: 1100
B: 1110
C: 1101
D: 1111

Two-piece Rectangle Badge:


A: 1000
B: 1010

If you have other mega badges that aren’t four-piece squares and two-piece rectangles, please comment on the sub-IDs bellow so we can learn together how to create great mega badges! Just dump the NBA badge data via SBI and open the data with Advanced Badge Editor.


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