4 considerations for school safety solutions | #schoolsaftey

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Recent school safety data revealed that during one school year, more than 900,000 violent incidents – such as physical attacks and fights (with or without a weapon) – were reported by public schools throughout the U.S. 

Many schools adopt safety technology in hopes that it will never be used, but the reality is that safety incidents happen every day; therefore, the technology should be able to handle everyday situations in addition to the most extreme. Schools need to be equipped with technology to prevent, prepare, and respond to all situations, from medical emergencies to the most serious ones such as active shooters. 

To help support and encourage the adoption of safety technology in schools, many states have passed Alyssa’s Law, which requires all public elementary and secondary school buildings to be equipped with a silent panic alarm connected to local law enforcement.  

When determining the most effective school safety technologies, there are four critical areas that district leaders should focus on to ensure that the solution they choose will meet the needs of their K-12 campus.  

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