4 law agencies in 2-hour search arrest sex offender after chase from Fayetteville neighborhood | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Home surveillance video catches suspect outside Fayetteville home. Photo/Fayette County SO.

Members of four local law enforcement agencies have been credited with working together to arrest a sex offender on several charges related to his alleged unlawful presence in a residential neighborhood.

According to a statement released Nov. 30 by Sheriff Barry Babb, the collaborative efforts of multiple agencies led to the successful capture of suspect Jeremy Pullins, 37, of Covington.

Jeremy Pullins. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Jeremy Pullins. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

Members of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office provided assistance in his apprehension when he was involved in a foot chase initiated by the Fayetteville Police Department.

Fayetteville officers responded Nov. 27 to reports of a suspicious person, captured on video in the yards of residents in the Hunters Lane area, who matched the description of a suspect involved with recent “peeping Tom” reports.

When officers made contact, the suspect provide false identification information and then fled on foot into the nearby woods to avoid being detained.

The Peachtree City Police Department and the Fayette County Marshals Office also participated in the joint effort to locate the suspect, Babb stated. The search was aided by law enforcement K-9 units, drones, and eyewitness reports from members of the community.

“Thanks to the coordinated efforts of all involved agencies the suspect was taken into custody after a two-hour search,” said Babb.

Fayetteville police charged Pullins with obstruction of law enforcement officers, loitering, and providing false identification. Further investigation led FCSO detectives to charge him with failure to register as a sex offender and restricted residence violation.

“The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office commends the quick response and collaboration between all law enforcement agencies involved and their community members,” said Babb. “The successful apprehension of the suspect highlights the dedication and teamwork with Fayette County.”

Law enforcement units during search for peeping tom suspect.
Law enforcement units during search for peeping tom suspect.

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