4 North Carolina residents charged with fraud, identity theft in Annapolis

After investigating a report of suspicious activity at an ATM, police arrested and charged four North Carolina residents with fraud and identity theft in Annapolis.

On Saturday around 12:45 a.m. police responded to a bank on Prince George St. by Craig St. for reported suspicious activity at an ATM machine. Bank employees told police that over the past couple of days several people made multiple transactions at the ATM that appeared to be fraudulent.

While the responding officer was at the bank, one of those subjects walked into the bank, and then fled on foot when the officer approached him. The officer continued to follow him to Dock St. when the subject jumped into a parked vehicle. The vehicle attempted to pull away, but the officer was able to stop it.

The vehicle’s occupants have been identified as Corionta Cooper, 20, Stephan Johnson, 26, La Mel McDougald, 25, and Jasma McNeil, 28, all of North Carolina.

Bank cards, lists of names, phone numbers, and bank account and personal identification numbers were found in the vehicle. Cooper, Johnson, McDougald, and McNeil were each charged with three counts relating to fraud and identity theft. An investigation is ongoing.


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