40 percent of Polish companies lack any cyber-attack plan

Up to 40 percent of enterprises in Poland do not have an emergency plan for cyber attacks, according to research by Intel in the Central and East-European countries Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary, carried out among 250 IT decision-makers from companies employing 150 or more people.

The best prepared are businesses from the Czech Republic, where 84 percent of respondents declared that their company has an emergency plan for cyber-attacks. In Romania, 72 percent of companies have such a plan, while in Poland and also in Hungary, it is 60 percent.

Besides, during the past six months, an incident such as malware or unauthorised access to company data was reported by 27 percent of big Polish companies (22 percent reported such incidents one to three times and 5 percent at least four times). In Romania the incidents were reported only in 18 percent of companies, in Hungary 29 percent and in the Czech Republic 36 percent.


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