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4th stimulus check update 2023 — Final days until you can get monthly $1,000 check for three years – see if you qualify | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

San Diego Stimulus

Those affected by the pandemic might be able to claim a $4,000 stimulus check. 

That’s thanks to the non-profit human service agency Jewish Family Service launching a program for low-income San Diego, California residents. 

More than 2,000 families are eligible.

North Carolina city offers e-bike rebates

Raleigh, North Carolina will soon begin offering e-bike rebates of up to $1,500.

The Raleigh city council approved an e-bike pilot program that would provide certain city residents with between $500 and $1,500 rebate vouchers when they buy e-bikes from a local retailer.

All residents will be able to apply for a $500 voucher, while lower-income applicants can get up to $1,500.

The funds are provided by a federal grant.

E-bikes can replace cars for many city commuters, and reduce the city’s carbon footprint, according to Nicole Goodard, a sustainability analyst who works with the city’s Office of Sustainability.

“The Department of Energy estimates that 75% of U.S. vehicle trips are less than 10 miles which is a distance that can be covered comfortably on an E-bike. Even without electric power, they still function as a bicycle. So if your battery drains you can still get home,” Goodard told the city council.

Mattress Firm sending out payments under settlement

Mattress Firm customers who bought a bed frame from the company between April 8, 2015, and April 8, 2021, could join a class action lawsuit.

The company agreed to pay a $4.9million settlement to customers who bought Bed Tech’s HR Platform bed frames from the retailer.

Eligible beds have the model number HR33, HR33XL, HR46, HR50, HR60, or HR66.

The plaintiffs in the suit allege that the beds were defective and can cause injury.

While Mattress Firm has not admitted wrongdoing, it did agree to settle the claim.

Additionally, Global Home Imports, the importer of the beds, recalled all of the products in 2021 after 100 reports of it collapsing.

Rochester city workers earn bonus payments

Rochester, New York will give approximately 1500 city workers $2,000 bonuses this year.

Additionally, 600 part-time workers will get $1,000 bonuses.

The $4million program is made possible by the city’s large budget surplus.

The move comes on the heels of the city distributing $4,000 bonuses to Rochester police officers and announcing other bonuses specifically for the fire department.

Each bonus is meant to both thank and retain crucial public employees, according to Rochester Mayor Malik Evans.

“We hope that that will be another tool to show our support for public employees, and more importantly, to try to keep our employees working with the city of Rochester,” he said.

El Monte to give out $500 monthly checks

El Monte, California’s Guaranteed Basic Income program (GBI) will give 125 randomly selected households, living under the poverty line, $500 monthly payments for a year.

The program is meant for low-income residents who were impacted by the pandemic’s economic fallout, and the funds were made possible due to the American Rescue Act.

More than 2,500 people applied for the program’s lottery selection prior to the April 15 deadline.

The lottery began on June 1.

Expert urges residents to check if they are owed money

Karla Dennis, an enrolled tax agent that’s licensed in all 50 states, urges residents to find out if their state is offering rebates.

Dennis recommends individuals do an online search with their state.

“I would type in tax stimulus in my state,” she said.

For example, “tax stimulus, California rebate [or] New York, I would definitely Google search it like that.”

Dennis added it’s also worth checking your state’s Department of Revenue website to see if anything is being offered.


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