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Digital transformation requires new approaches to cybersecurity, and that starts with people, according to Sean Murphy, senior vice president and chief information security officer at $30 billion asset BECU in Seattle.

BECU began its digital transformation journey in earnest in 2020, says Murphy, who addressed the 2023 CUNA Cybersecurity Conference with NASCUS Wednesday in New Orleans.

That effort focused on providing seamless member experiences, responding quickly to members’ needs, obtaining intimate knowledge of member and employee pain points, and focusing on high-quality outcomes rather than high output.

“We had to get away from the idea that we have brick-and-mortar defenses to a different world,” Murphy says, adding that the new environment requires cybersecurity employees who are:

  1. Scalable. They must be willing and able to grow their skills to meet changing needs.
  2. Transforming. “As a team, we need to develop the mindset that what got us where we are won’t be good enough going forward,” Murphy says.
  3. Trusted. That’s the core value credit unions provide members. “They need to trust that you’ll handle their data appropriately,” he says. “It all starts with trust.”
  4. Engaged. Employees must be involved, proactive, available, and curious. They participate actively in business discussions and take the initiative.
  5. Agile. “Be flexible and adaptive to change, because it’s our only constant,” Murphy says.


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