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5 reasons to choose cyber security as a career option | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

Here are five strong reasons to choose cybersecurity as a career option.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 2, 2023 12:13 IST

5 reasons to choose cyber security as a career option

5 reasons to choose cyber security as a career option

By India Today Web Desk: India is positioned to become a global leader in terms of data, technology, digitisation, and inclusion. The government has been at the forefront of driving technology-led initiatives through flagship programs like Startup India, Digital India, etc. to foster a favourable business environment for existing and new businesses to become global unicorns. However, Indian authorities agree that the country is facing increasing cyber threats. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), the national cybersecurity watchdog, noted a 51% increase in the number of ransomware attacks, including on critical infrastructure, from the year before. Therefore, it is now the best time to encourage Indian students to choose cybersecurity as a career option to introduce young talent at the gates of Indian cybersecurity and strengthen its global stance in that particular sphere.

Here are five strong reasons to choose cybersecurity as a career option:


One of the primary reasons why students should consider making a career in the field of cyber security is because today across the globe everything is on the internet from banking to government, everything that is there and everything that matters is there, and there is no stepping down, rather it is safe to say that the use case of internet and cyber intel will only go up in the future and with it will grow the need for human resource in cyber security.


We are all familiar with the buzz of how growing advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation is causing the eradication of the human labour force from various sectors. However, this threat is not there in the domain of cyber security because it requires constant human intervention and check-ups along with building new frameworks and firewalls; this as of today is not efficiently possible by AI or ML alone.


Given how internet and software integration has touched all industries, sectors, and sub-sectors bringing about a structural change in the way things are done, it has caused a huge demand for a skilled cyber security workforce across a range of different sectors. From banking institutions to government bodies, finance firms, law firms, real estate firms, stockbrokerage companies, and insurance companies, among many others are examples of diversity and volume of demand from which students can choose as per their interest.


Owing to the scarcity of efficient talent in the cyber security labour market coupled with the huge and diversified demand by organisations across sectors, the monetary remunerations are quite lucrative. Starting from entry-level employment the average salary slab is anywhere between 2.0 LPA to 5.3 LPA (as per depending on the qualifications and skills of an individual. This average apparently grows significantly as people start to climb up the professional hierarchy.


Due to the unpredictable nature of the future, a career in cybersecurity is not and cannot be static and stale. You will be challenged on a regular basis. There will be new and unexpected failures as well as amazing and surprising discoveries. One certainty is that attackers will continue to develop new exploits on a constant basis, and it is your job to find creative, and optimised solutions to the arising problems. Cybersecurity Companies have defended us time and time again against a variety of cyber-attacks that compromise our confidentiality.

Cybersecurity has become an important buzzword because every business and company now has an online presence. There are numerous prospects to begin and progress in a career in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity employment will be in great demand in the future days if the current trend continues. India’s cybersecurity colleges have been offering a variety of courses that are relevant to the shifting conditions. Given India’s massive demand for cybersecurity specialists, anyone interested in studying a cybersecurity education will benefit in the long run.

Authored by Abhishek Mitra is the CEO and Founder of Indian Cyber SecuritySolutions


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