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Saving people is in the job description in any superhero story. In My Hero Academia, Pro Heroes gain favor and popularity in the world by doing their job of defeating Villains and saving citizens.

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However, the talented students of U.A. High School have on occasion been able to achieve heroics well above their status, sometimes even outperforming the Pros. However, as they are still students, they’re sometimes in over their heads and need saving themselves.

10 Student Heroics: A Quirk-Less Midoriya Charged In To Save Bakugo While Pro Heroes Watched

Deku running to save Katsuki from the Sludge Villain

Back when he didn’t even have a Quirk yet, Midoriya charged mindlessly in to save Bakugo from the Sludge Villain. He claimed it was because his legs moved without him thinking about it, but nevertheless he distracted the Villain long enough for All Might to step in, all while many other Pro Heroes stood by and watched.

It was here that All Might saw Midoriya’s heart, his potential as a Hero, and his ability to be the successor for One For All – all because he ran headfirst into trouble to save someone despite not being equipped at all to do so.

9 Pro Heroics: All Might Saved Midoriya And Bakugo From The Sludge Villain

All might punches sludge monster

All Might activated his Quirk and Hero form when he was close to max capacity in order to save Midoriya and Bakugo. He was inspired by Midoriya’s heroic act, and of course by his own Hero instincts.

Before the Sludge villain could attack Midoriya, All Might saved them both and defeated the villain rather easily considering his condition, all while several other Pro Heroes remained as bystanders. Even though the Symbol of Peace was injured and deteriorating, he still jumped in to be a true Hero.

8 Student Heroics: Deku And Friends Managed To Save Everyone Apart From Bakugo

Deku saves Kota

Bakugo being taken by the League of Villains during their raid on the Forest Training Camp was a big defeat for U.A. students, teachers and the other Pros. However, several students acted to prevent the situation and losses from being any worse.

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The Pussycats were quickly depleted from four to two, and the remaining Heroes merely kept two Villains busy while Aizawa was running around trying to find people. Ultimately, students such as Deku, Yaoyorozu, Kendo, Tetsutetsu, Shoji, and many others managed to go beyond to help save their peers, defeat some of the Vanguard Action Squad, and keep the losses to a minimum.

7 Pro Heroics: Vlad Protected The Students Back At The Base From Dabi

Vlad King doesn’t get much time to shine in the anime, but the one time he got to show off his Blood Control Quirk was when he was protecting a set of students during the Forest Training Camp.

A copy of Dabi, a member of the League of Villains who attacked the camp, infiltrated the building Vlad and the students were holding up in. Vlad immediately burst into action, subduing the fake Dabi until Aizawa returned and destroyed the copy. This was an intriguing teaser of Vlad’s Quirk that will certainly appear again at some point.

6 Student Heroics: Eight Of The Ten Pairs Successfully Defeated Their Teachers In The Final Exam

Tokoyami and Tsuyu in their Final Exam, My Hero Academia

During the Final Exams arc, students in teams of two had to go up against one of their Pro Hero teachers in order to pass. They had to either escape or handcuff their opponent to win.

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All pairs but two were victorious: Deku and Bakugo defeated All Might, Mineta defeated Midnight despite a sleeping Sero being of no help, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki defeated Aizawa, Jiro and Koda overcame Present Mic, Uraraka and Aoyama fluked their way to beating Thirteen, Tokoyami and Asui outsmarted Ectoplasm, Iida and Ojiro survived Power Loader, and Shoji and Hagakure got past Snipe.

5 Pro Heroics: Mt Lady’s Last Ditch Intervention Helped Bakugo’s Extraction Succeed

Mt. Lady at Kamino vs One For All

During the Kamino incident – in which All Might and other Pro Heroes attempted to extract a kidnapped Bakugo from the League of Villains – Midoriya, Kirishima and Iida executed their own plan to rescue Bakugo at the same time. They were desperate to succeed without needing to fight after witnessing the terrifying destruction All For One dealt to the likes of Best Jeanist.

However, as they were escaping with Bakugo in tow, the League of Villains tried to launch an attack to capture Bakugo once more. Mt Lady in her giant form jumped up and got in the way of the Villains, allowing the students to escape. They successfully retrieved Bakugo and allowed All Might to fight All For One unimpeded.

4 Student Heroics: Deku Achieved What No One Else Could And Retrieved Eri

During the infiltration of the Shie Hassaikai, a large group of Heroes and a small number of U.A. students on internships were tasked with retrieving Eri, who was being tormented and used for Kai Chisaki’s experiments in making Quirk-erasing bullets.

After many hard-earned victories among the Heroes, it ultimately came down to Deku versus Overhaul. With Nighteye left defeated and Mirio without his Quirk, Deku eventually managed to overcome Overhaul and rescue Eri, something no Pro Hero was able to do.

3 Pro Heroics: Aizawa Took On Most Of The League Of Villains By Himself So That Everyone Else Could Escape

When the League of Villains introduced themselves during the USJ arc, Aizawa managed to hold off the majority of the Villains by himself, giving the students a chance to escape with Thirteen.

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Showing off his fighting skills for the first time in the series, Aizawa kept the Villains at bay for a long time, being injured in the process, until he was eventually overpowered by Shigaraki’s Quirk and his Nomu accomplice. Aizawa was initially shown to be a bizarre and a potentially horrible teacher, but this fight showed that he truly cares for his students and would risk his life to save them.

2 Student Heroics: Todoroki, Deku and Iida Kept Stain At Bay While Native Was Helpless

Deku, Iida And Todoroki Vs Stain

When Iida confronted Stain, the Hero Killer, a Pro Hero called Native had already been paralyzed by Stain’s Quirk. Stain was able to stop Iida in the same way, but Midoriya and Todoroki were able to save the day.

It would be unfair to judge someone too much who’s been paralyzed by a formidable Villain, but Native wasn’t able to do anything while three students fought together, even while being affected by Stain’s Quirk, and still overcame him. Ultimately, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida weren’t allowed to take the credit for this accomplishment without dealing with huge repercussions, so the events were all but forgotten.

1 Pro Heroics: All Might And The Other Teachers Arrived At USJ Just In Time

During the League of Villains’ attack on the USJ facility, the end was fast approaching for Class 1-A as Aizawa and Thirteen were out of commission, and with Shigaraki and his Nomu about to finish off Midoriya, Asui and Mineta.

Just before it could get even worse, All Might and the other teachers arrived with Iida, distracting the Villains and allowing them to turn the tide of the battle. All Might then proceeded to defeat the Nomu, though just barely.

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