5 Tips to Protect Your LAN Network From Hackers

LAN or Local Area Network is the type of network connection , where it is used for getting connected to the internet service along with a certain limited area.

These types of network connections are mostly used in homes, companies, and other places. However, there are chances that your LAN might get hacked with the help of some experienced hackers. Today, we have come with 5 tips to protect your LAN from outsiders.

Generally, every router has a unique username and passwords, which many of them are not aware off. Moreover, anyone who knows the username and password can use your data remotely without your knowledge. To make sure it doesn’t happen, change your username/password frequently or thrice in a year. If you don’t have any idea on how to change, immediately contact the router manufacturer to get it done.
Prefer Strong passwords
Always make sure, you select the strong password for your router connection. In order to make it strong try to use the combination of alphabets, numerics, and symbols , that can be hard to find by the hackers. Set up a strong password for your router so that your network remains safe.

Scan for vulnerabilities
There are some examinations, where you can scan all the external access points in all the possible areas to check for the vulnerabilities. To keep your network safe, do this kind of examinations at least once a year.
Anti-virus program
There are some spam files on your computer connected to the network like keyloggers, spy software that can send information to the hacker unknowingly. In order to avoid it, scan your system regularly with Anti-Virus program to throw the vulnerable software.
Don’t click random links
Make sure you don’t click any spam links or go to an unknown site, where the possibilities of hacking your account information are too high using tab nabbing technique.


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