More than $50,000 stolen from Evansville man’s online bank account

An Evansville man could have been out tens of thousands of dollars to an online hacker.

EPD’s special financial crimes task force and bank officials are trying to figure out how the hackers got their hands on so much money.

Many people use online bill pay because it can be quick and easy, but the man we talked to doesn’t. You can imagine his surprise when he logged on and saw more than $50,000 in withdrawals from his account.

Our crews caught up with the victim on Wednesday.

The man, who didn’t want to be identified, told us he got the shock of his life Tuesday morning when he logged on to check his bank account. He says, someone hacked into his home computer and somehow got a hold of his online account information, wiring six checks for thousands each by online bill pay.

“I’m in the office and checked what was the bank balance on Old National Bank,” the victim told us. “I log in and I figure out that there is a $9,600 of a bill payment.”

He says, he only uses the account for deposits.

“I never use the ACH or bill payment, never,” the victim said. “This is the first time somebody did it. So I asked my wife, do you know anything about that? This is a $9,600 wire, and she says, no.”

He immediately called Old National Bank, reporting the check’s tracking number and the amount, and the bank froze his account.

What bank officials found, is scary.

That $9,600 online check was deposited at another bank in Florida. Five other massive online checks from his account were pending, including three more for $9,000 each, and two other checks for more than $14,000. All together: $52,450.

“This is a huge amount, and I’m totally scared,” the victim told us. “I’m scared how they can go in my own online account and they can hack my username and password.”

We’re told the man is not on the hook for the money. In fact, it should back in his account in a couple of days.

Bank officials say the best thing you can do to safeguard against hackers is to change your password often and notify authorities if you see any suspicious activity.


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