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Multiple media outlets reported Wednesday that 560 million Ticketmaster customers may have been compromised in a data breach by ShinyHunters, a known hacker group.  

The group claimed in an online forum that 1.3 terabytes of Ticketmaster customer data, including names, phone numbers, addresses and credit card details of customers had been stolen.  They are asking Ticketmaster for $US 500,000 ($750,000 AUD) in exchange to not leak the sensitive information for a “one time sale.”

The Australian Department of Home Affairs told the country’s public broadcaster ABC that it was looking into the alleged data breach.

The most recent cyber attack reported by Australia’s National Officer of Cyber Security was against the prescription delivery service MediSecure. Until late 2023, MediSecure was one of two prescription delivery services operating nationally and had the personal health information of individuals relating to prescriptions and healthcare compromised.

This latest alleged data breach comes a week after LiveNation, which owns Ticketmaster, was sued by the US Department of Justice over monopolisation claims.  Live Nation published a statement explaining the lawsuit would have little effect on ticket prices.

Ticketmaster has yet to comment or publish a statement confirming the alleged incident. 


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