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6 Facts About Malaysia’s Hacker Group, DragonForce that You Should Know About | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

We’re back with another addition to our True Crime series! This time we tackle the tech category. In the shadowy realm of hacktivism, DragonForce Malaysia stands as Malaysia’s very own vigilante hacker group. As much as cyber crimes are scary, we can’t help but think it’s pretty cool how our country has its own hacktivist (hacker activism) group.

Emerging with a pro-Palestinian stance, they made significant waves in 2021 but started as a group in 2010. In this quick exposé, we’ll uncover the intriguing facts about DragonForce’s actions, motivations, and their undeniable impact on the global cyber landscape.



1.Vigilante Group for the Rakyat

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DragonForce Malaysia’s official Facebook page proudly declares itself as being “owned by the Malaysian rakyat. This assertion positions the group as a vigilante entity, ostensibly looking out for the welfare of the people. It’s a bold statement of their mission and identity.

Their tagline or motto is “Resistance is Futile”


2. A Significant Online Presence

Despite maintaining anonymity, DragonForce Malaysia boldly asserts its presence across various social platforms. Their official website has a whole public forum, connecting Malaysian cyber security enthusiasts together. From Facebook, YouTube to X (formerly Twitter, of which their page has over 15k followers) and TikTok, they make sure their voice is heard loud and clear, pushing the boundaries of hacktivist visibility.

Check out their pages: Website Forum | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Telegram


3. Pro-Palestinian Advocacy and Audacious Hacks

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DragonForce Malaysia’s core ideology centres on pro-Palestinian advocacy. Their actions have included high-profile hacks, such as infiltrating Israeli CCTV networks and breaching an Israeli recruitment company’s database, exposing countless students’ personal details back in April of this year. These audacious acts reflect their unwavering commitment to their cause.

They even posted a few TikToks about these hacks!


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4. Retaliation Against Offensive Remarks

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When the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (of the Indian government)’s spokesperson, Nupur Sharma made offensive remarks against Prophet Muhammad, DragonForce Malaysia retaliated with a slew of cyber attacks on 70 Indian government websites and private portals. The group even managed to broadcast a text and audio message of a significant quote in Islam’s holy Quran.

“For you is your religion and for me is my religion.”


5. Collaborative Efforts with Threat Groups

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Despite their significant hacking skills, DragonForce does not operate in isolation. It is believed that in the past, they have also worked with other local hacker threat groups such as The T3 Dimension Team and ReliksCrew.


6. Unmasking Online Scammers and Activist Operations

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DragonForce Malaysia goes beyond hacking government sites; they frequently, actively engage in unmasking online scammers. Their social media presence is peppered with defamation campaigns against scammers and spreading awareness to netizens regarding the tactics often used by these scammers, serving as digital vigilantes protecting the Malaysian public.

Additionally, they’ve spearheaded numerous activist operations like #OpsBedil, #OpsBedilReloaded, and a few others, further highlighting their dedication to their causes.

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DragonForce Malaysia’s presence in the hacktivist world continues to captivate and intrigue. To stay informed and engage with their story and DragonForce, follow their digital trail, join discussions, and keep an eye on their next moves.

Do you know why they named themselves the “Dragon” force? Keep this conversation going by commenting on your best guesses!

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As we wrap up this article of our true crime series, we truly wonder, when will DragonForce strike next? 



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