6scan maybe your only protection for your WordPress Website!

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Over the years National Cyber Security has come under attack by several hacker organizations for various reasons unknown. By Joomla and WordPress being the most used content management software in the world, they would also have more vulnerabilities and exploits than any other content

management software in the world.

No matter how many times you scan your website for vulnerabilities, up pops another one. It would literally take a full time WordPress Security Manager to fight all the dangers your website fights on a daily basis. Our CEO called a meeting a few months ago, with the entire programming department of Hi-Tech Crime Solutions (the parent company of National Cyber Security), to come up with a WordPress real time IDS that can email or send text messages when it comes under an attack. It would also have a real time firewall that can detect SQL injections, malicious scripts, and can automatically patch vulnerabilities without interaction from someone in the IT department.

We have a brilliant CEO who thinks outside of the box, but apparently there are other brilliant CEOs in the world who think outside of the box as well. One of these CEOs runs a company called Six Scan, Ltd out of Israel. After tens of thousands of man hours and thousands of dollars spent on research and development, Six Scan has demolished our entire project, like a wrecking ball to a cardboard house. Every feature we had in our version they have in their version, and then some. Back to the drawing board as my boss said. Six Scan, Great Job!



Patrolâ„¢ Scanner

6Scan’s Patrolâ„¢ scanner imitates the actions of a hacker trying to hack into your website: each page,
form and script on your site is scoured for weak points that could potentially become security holes.
Patrolâ„¢ utilizes a patent-pending combination of heuristic scanning with information gathered by 6Scan’s
security response team and the latest online sources. Patrolâ„¢ works seamlessly in the background; it will never harm your site or interfere with legitimate traffic.

Bodyguardâ„¢ Protection

As soon as the Patrolâ„¢ scanner detects a vulnerability, it is communicated to the Bodyguardâ„¢ agent, which acts
to quickly patch it up. A hacker attempting to exploit the vulnerability won’t even know that Bodyguardâ„¢ is there – he’ll be left to wonder why none of his attacks are working.

One-Click Installation

6Scan’s protection is prepackaged for common web frameworks, allowing you to quickly and easily install it using the plugin installation procedure you are already familiar with. If your site is hosted with one of our select hosting partners, 6Scan’s protection is already preinstalled on your site, and only needs to be activated.


Zero-day Research

6Scan’s research team of ex-military hackers works around the clock to find undocumented vulnerabilities.
We monitor new as well as old versions of common web frameworks and plugins, looking for vulnerabilities.
The moment a vulnerability is discovered, it is transferred to our Patrolâ„¢ scanner, which acts to discover the sites
vulnerable to it and patch them up immediately. While we work actively with the platform and plugin developers to release a patch for each problem, only 6Scan’s customers are protected immediately.

Fast Acting

6Scan’s Patrolâ„¢ responds to new vulnerabilities discovered by our research team, as well as those learned from security response teams and directly from developers, by immediately finding sites that may be vulnerable and working with their Bodyguardâ„¢ to fix the problem. 6Scan’s unique cloud-scanning technology allows us to perform this process quickly – usually in under 15 seconds – for a virtually unlimited number of sites.


While 6Scan’s dashboard shows you vulnerabilities detected on your site and provides detailed explanations and patch instructions, this information is purely to satisfy your curiosity: from the moment you enable 6Scan’s protection, no further action is required to maintain a high level of security for your site.