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Dating apps are the modern way to date across the world as they are popular for many reasons.

It is not always about finding a date or hooking up with someone.

It can also be an opportunity to find someone with who you can spend time and have a serious relationship.

Every dating app has its unique perks.

Every app attracts the user by offering certain features that will keep them engaged.

In India, dating apps are also very popular, with many smartphone users downloading different ones based on their preferences.

Some Indian people have even developed their own apps to cater to citizens in the country.

We look at seven popular dating apps in India.


Perhaps India’s most popular dating app is Tinder.

Its simplistic design is what attracts so many users to the app and keeps them there without any complications.

Users can easily sign up without having to enter details because they can connect to the app using their Facebook account.

Like most popular dating apps, Tinder is about swiping left or right depending on a person’s picture and bio.

However, you cannot like everyone. There is a limit on how many people you can swipe right for, hence the 12-hour break.

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are the app’s subscription services and they remove the limit. Other features also allow users to expand their location.

The combination of its simple design and features is why it is so popular in India.


7 Popular Dating Apps in India - happn

Happn is similar to Tinder; swipe left to reject, swipe right to like.

But one unique feature is that it lets the user know how many people are in the area who use the app.

Happn lets you see how many people are available nearby who are on the app and are looking for people to meet and date.

If you like the look of someone, you can always say ‘Hi’ at the cost of one credit. This app works using credits, which are renewed daily.

If you want to access other features like seeking partners outside your area, you can always purchase more credits.

While using Happn, one thing is that it guarantees privacy. A person’s location cannot be traced.

Their personal information also cannot be accessed. The profile picture and display name are the only things available.

What makes this app unique is the Crossing Path feature.

If you two are within a range of a certain distance, the app lets you know that you two have crossed paths.

And again, the app does not and will never reveal the precise location of anyone.

Not only does it ensure privacy but it also provides a thrill for people who are attracted to one another.


7 Popular Dating Apps in India - bumble

Bumble is one of India’s most popular dating apps. It is like Tinder for women, but with a timer.

When a match is found, it is the woman who has to make the first move, breaking stereotypes within Indian society.

But if the man does not respond within 24 hours, the possible match is lost.

Nevertheless, the timer is a positive as it is intended to promote communication.

As women are the ones who start contact, Bumble is a popular dating app among the LGBTQ+ community.

One intriguing feature is that fake profiles are non-existent. During the registration process, the user’s profile picture is verified to ensure a real account is being created.

It is incredibly popular among younger people, with most users aged between 18 and 30.

Bumble gives women the opportunity to take the lead, hence why it is one of the most popular dating apps in India.


7 Popular Dating Apps in India - cupid

OkCupid is one of the oldest dating apps but it remains one of India’s most popular.

The app contains questionnaires about almost anything to help users find things in common with potential matches.

Compared to other dating apps, OkCupid’s profiles are far more detailed.

If a user answers a seemingly endless set of questions, they will get a Match/Enemy percentage ratio on their profile to help gauge compatibility.

Since 2020, OkCupid has become more like Tinder, relying more on swiping and removing the opportunity to contact a user without first matching with them.

Users can send a message but it will not appear in the recipient’s inbox unless they have matched with each other.

According to OkCupid, this has been done to decrease the number of offensive messages that users have received.


7 Popular in India - truly

TrulyMadly is a popular choice in India and is a homegrown dating app.

Sachin Bhatia is the co-founder and the app is designed to repackage the current mobile dating phenomenon in order to suit India’s social and cultural factors.

He says:

“Facebook is India’s Facebook and Twitter is India’s Twitter, but Tinder won’t be India’s Tinder.”

One difference between TrulyMadly and Tinder is that it verifies each user using trust-based ratings.

Users start by adding their Facebook account and verifying themselves with other social media accounts or phone number.

When it comes to privacy, your profile picture is safe because other users cannot download or screenshot them.

TrulyMadly’s algorithm looks to see if you’re single and active on social media. As a result, your score increases.

It also looks at compatibility quizzes, making the app more trustworthy among women.


7 Popular in India - aisle

Aisle was created in India and it caters for singletons looking for marriage, but without family interference.

The Aisle developers saw a gap in the market and offered a solution to allow serious daters to marry without heavy familial influence.

The Aisle team, who launched the app in 2014, said:

“We saw a need for an app for high-intent dating.”

“International dating apps missed key preferences specific to Indians, like language, religion, ethnicity, and salaries.”

Entrepreneur Able Joseph founded Aisle after experiencing his own challenges within the Indian dating scene.

According to him, he designed the bespoke dating app because he was not satisfied with the casual dating apps or matrimonial services already available.

He said: “We’re not a one-size-fits-all dating service.

“We’ve taken a wise middle path between traditional matchmaking companies and online dating applications that are basically Tinder clones.”

The app is exclusively for Indian singles who are looking to date and go on to marriage.

Aisle is so exclusive, users have to be approved before they are allowed to join the app.

According to the app’s team: “Aisle isn’t a place for casual hookups, nor is it a place where Indian parents force their children to make a quick decision.”

“Our users are looking to build a relationship.

“This a mature version of dating, and we think it’s the natural fit for urban Indians to find love online.”


7 Popular in India - badoo

Badoo is considered to be an experience rather than just a dating app.

It follows the same principle as Tinder but the differences appear once two individuals match with each other.

If one user later thinks different about the match, they may ignore the other. This may lead to several messages being sent.

Badoo makes sure that a maximum of two messages can be sent until the user responds. That way, any pestering is prevented.

This means that when the conversation finally starts, the user can feel confident and choose to send photos and messages or make video calls.

There is also a fantastic option of broadcasting yourself where you can find others sharing your interests.

It is a unique app that has become very popular in India.

In reality, dating apps run on chances and probability, but the idea behind the ethics of dating and getting to know someone must also be catered by the apps.

Anything can indeed be possible on the internet, as far as the age of smartphones go.

Dating apps are becoming more catered to people’s needs and apps developed in India take into account culture and other factors.

Getting attracted to someone is only natural and dating apps allow that to flourish.

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