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A recent report by Kaspersky, entitled “How Coved-19 changedthe way employeeswork,” revealed that three out of four (73%) said they were not satisfied with the way employees worked. Employees working from their homes have not received guidelines or training for digital security awareness to protect themselves and their work from risks. Digital threats persist, with the difficulty of controlling the security of corporate IT and data remotely. One in four employees (27%), for example, said they had received phishing emails related to new CORONA virus disease or COV-19, so it is important for companies to make sure that employees are made aware of the principles and behaviors of digital security, in order to avoid such risks.

While employees take responsibility for the massive shift in business from home, companies should ensure that their employees are able to work as usual. Maintaining the safety of staff at remote work has become a difficult task; it requires many resources to enable them to safely access the services they regularly need to perform their functions. Effective digital security measures are critical, as remote action can also lead to new risks such as increased spam and increased phishing attacks, communication over hacked wireless Internet networks, or employees’ use of unauthorized applications and software, in what is known as shadow information technology.

Accidental downloading of subversive content from these emails can infect devices and compromise business data. In contrast, the number of employees using online applications and services for work that has not been approved or approved by their IT departments has increased, in what is known as shadow information technology, which includes video-conferencing applications (70%) Instant messaging software (60%) File storage services (53%).

“It’s hard to maintain the usual work when radical changes are needed,” said Andrei Dankevich, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Kaspersky, who explained that IT and digital security teams “are under great pressure to enable employees to continue working safely as they try to live with the new reality of working at home.” That remote work is being done in a safe way.”

Kaspersky recommends following the following recommendations to help companies enable their employees to work safely remotely:

·         Ensure that employees are informed of whom they should contact if they have an IT or security problem, with more attention to employees who have to work from their personal devices, and provide them with specific regulations and clear security recommendations.

·         A basic security awareness training program for employees that can be implemented online and must include basic practices, such as account and password management, email security, terminal security, and web browsing. It has been preparedكاسبرسكي بالتعاون مع شركة Area9 Lyceum دورة مجانية To help employees work safely from home.

·         Take key measures to protect the company’s data and devices, including activating password protection, encrypting business devices, and ensuring data backup.

·         Ensure that hardware, software, applications and services are updated with the latest software patches when they are available.

·         Install powerful protection software, such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud,on all terminals, including mobile devices.

The full Kaspersky report can be found and learn more about the impact of the pandemic on the way employees work.


Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997. Kaspersky is constantly translating its deep experience into the next generation of security solutions and services to protect companies, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the world. Its portfolio of corporate security products includes terminal protection, a number of security solutions and services specialized in combating advanced and advanced digital threats. Kaspersky’s technology solutions protect more than 400 million users and help 270,000 corporate customers protect their assets. To learn more, please visit www.kaspersky.com 

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