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In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) permeates various aspects of daily life, the online dating has become a battleground for scammers and catfishers using AI to deceive unsuspecting people, looking to find a real connection. India, in particular, grapples with a prevalent issue of online dating scams, as highlighted in a recent study conducted by McAfee.

The second edition of McAfee’s annual report titled “Modern Love” focuses on the interplay between AI and online dating in India, shedding light on the intricate dynamics between technology’s potential to foster genuine connections and its exploitation in fraudulent activities.

Surveying 7,000 participants across seven nations, with a significant emphasis on India, the study underscores the escalating concern surrounding catfishing and romance scams, especially with the integration of AI technology.

An alarming 77 per cent of Indian respondents reported encountering AI-generated fake profiles or photos on dating platforms and social media, signalling a pervasive presence of potential deceit in the digital romance sphere.

The research further unveils that 39 per cent of Indian participants fell victim to engaging with scammers under the guise of potential romantic interests, while 26 per cent unwittingly interacted with AI-generated bots.

Despite the inherent risks, the study uncovers a favourable inclination towards AI assistance in crafting romantic messages, with 56 per cent of Indians contemplating the use of AI for Valentine’s Day communications. Notably, 81 per cent observed enhanced responses from AI-generated content compared to their own efforts.

However, McAfee’s findings underscore the paradoxical nature of AI in online dating. While AI amplifies the avenues for scammers to exploit individuals seeking genuine connections, it also empowers users to curate more captivating profiles and messages, potentially enriching their dating experiences.

In response to these challenges, McAfee suggests users to be vigilant, and also offers practical tips for online dating safety. First, one needs to scrutinise messages for authenticity, and always reverse-image search on profiles they match with. Also dn’t engage in any financial transactions with people you have just met. It would also be great if users invest in tools to detect online scams, including upcoming solutions for deepfakes.

As AI continues to shape the landscape of online dating in India and beyond, McAfee’s study serves as a crucial resource for navigating the complexities of digital romance while mitigating the risks posed by malicious actors leveraging AI technology for fraudulent purposes.

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