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8 burning questions for Season 5 | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

FBI: Most Wanted saw a terrific Season 4 that included the debut of Edwin Hodges as new agent Ray Cannon and some great turns for the rest of the characters. In between manhunts, the team handled stuff from Remy’s family to Gaines facing her dark past and Hana in a harrowing ordeal. The finale was a great wrap-up promising fun for Season 5.

Right now, Season 5 is in limbo due to the strikes hitting Hollywood and is likely not to come to CBS until 2024. That still leaves fans with a lot of questions regarding Season 5 that can hopefully be answered. These are just eight things FBI: Most Wanted fans hope get addressed in Season 5, whenever it finally comes.

How will Remy handle the truth about his brother?

For years, Remy had been driven to join the FBI by the murder of his brother, Mikey, when he was younger. Remy was convinced that Larry Davis had killed Mikey, happy to see the guy in prison. He at first brushed off a filmmaker claiming Davis was innocent, only to realize the prosecutor of the time had buried evidence.

In the Season 4 finale, Remy discovered that Mikey had been killed by a classmate over an argument over drugs and a girl. Sadly, Davis had died in prison before he could be exonerated. Remy is clearly affected, realizing his brother wasn’t the saint he thought he was and that he’d been wrong about the reasons to get into the FBI. That may have Remy questioning his own judgment in cases and realizing things aren’t as cut and dried as they appear.

Will Remy bond with his nephew in FBI: Most Wanted Season 5?

The final scene of the season had Remy discovering his brother’s girlfriend had been pregnant when Mikey died. Remy met a young doctor who was his nephew. It’s likely Remy will continue to bond with the young man, and it is interesting how his sister will feel about this new dynamic. There’s also a question about Remy’s Alzheimer’s-ridden mother and if she can even understand what is happening with an unexpected grandson as Remy handles these twists.

Will Hana face repercussions for her actions?

A dramatic storyline in Season 4 had Hana abducted by some white slavers before the team could rescue her. While she seemed okay afterward, Hana decided to hit back against such people by catfishing an online predator and then exposing him to his family and friends. But this backfired as the man sent Hana a video of himself committing suicide.

So far, Gaines is the only one who knows what happened and is willing to keep it quiet. However, Hana has to know that if it gets out that she caused a man’s death due to an illegal investigation, her FBI career is over. She also has to bear that guilt which may affect Hana more as the season goes on.

Will Kristin’s drug lord frenemy return?

Fans of FBI: Most Wanted know that Kristin Gaines was tortured by a drug lord years before. In Season 4, Gaines reunited with Lucia, the noble black sheep daughter of the drug cartel family, in danger from a war between her brothers for control. Gaines managed to confront the drug lord who tortured her and killed him in a fight.

But in a twist, Gaines discovered Lucia had set this whole thing up and played her to take out her brothers so she could get control of the cartel. Lucia was last seen escaping town on a plane, yet Gaines may be hoping for a rematch to put these demons to bed and get some payback on Lucia for using her like this.

Does Cannon get a love interest?

As the newest member of the team, Ray Cannon has done well. The former New Orleans detective has handled his job, and he and Hana are roommates. Still, a question remains if Cannon can get more of a personal life outside of the team.

He did seem to flirt a bit with a single mom he helped out in Season 4 and bonded with her son, but it’s unsure if it can go further than that. It would be nice for Cannon to get out of the office for more of a personal life.

Will we meet Cannon’s dad in FBI: Most Wanted Season 5?

Cannon’s introduction mentioned his father was a famous FBI agent who’s now retired. So far, Cannon hasn’t talked much about his dad as he wants to make it on his own. But that’s an obvious bit for Season 5 if Cannon’s dad becomes involved in a case, perhaps lending expertise. This can explore more of Cannon’s past and his feelings about being in his dad’s shadow and be fun if the show casts a big-name actor for the part.

Is there more family drama for Barnes?

Barnes took time off from the team in Season 3 to concentrate on her and wife Charlotte raising their child. Barnes did clash a bit with Remy when they met but has since come to trust him. There is a question if there can be more tension in the marriage as Barnes’s job eats up a lot of time, and Charlotte has her own legal career to handle. Throw in Barnes’s somewhat judgemental mother, and there’s a chance there could be some family distractions for Barnes this year.

Will the team get a new member?

Fans of FBI: Most Wanted have had to handle a lot of cast changes in its four-year run. Right now, things look settled, with no word on any actors leaving or not. But that doesn’t mean the door isn’t open for another change, as Remy may decide to expand the team, or the various strikes and actors’ schedules causing issues. Thus, fans can’t totally rule out that Season 5 may have yet another cast turnover and shake the series up more.

FBI: Most Wanted is currently streaming on Paramount+.

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