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Info-Tech’s latest research unveils strategies to address the persistent cybersecurity talent gap. The report dives into actionable insights and strategic approaches designed to combat the shortage of skilled professionals in the cybersecurity domain.

TORONTO, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, the demand for skilled professionals to combat these risks is growing rapidly. However, organizations are grappling with identifying and developing the necessary skills within their teams to enhance their security posture and align with business objectives. To address this critical issue, Info-Tech Research Group has published its latest research, Build a Plan to Close Your Cybersecurity Competency Gaps. This research provides cybersecurity leaders with a structured approach to cultivating essential business-aligned security competencies within their IT teams, thereby enhancing their organization’s resilience against modern cyber threats.

According to Info-Tech’s latest research, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, directly linked to rising costs and an escalating demand for specialized skill sets, creates significant challenges for organizations. These hurdles include uncertainty about the essential competencies required to elevate cybersecurity maturity levels. Additionally, organizations face difficulties in prioritizing which skills to develop first and how to align them with overarching organizational goals. Given the pressing nature of the cybersecurity skills gap, there is an increasing urgency for organizations to take proactive measures in addressing competency shortfalls.

“A cybersecurity development plan that focuses on equipping employees with competencies recognized by industry standards would ensure the correct skills are being developed while enabling organizations to stay competitive,” says Ahmad Jowhar, research specialist, security & privacy, at Info-Tech Research Group. “These development plans should allow organizations to prioritize which skills to mature while also tracking proficiency within those competencies. This approach would ensure organizations are meeting their security goals while also improving their overall maturity.”

The firm’s latest research provides a comprehensive strategy for cybersecurity leaders to build a tailored plan that outlines and tracks the professional growth of their security teams. Central to this approach is the emphasis on identifying and prioritizing critical competencies that are aligned with the organization’s security objectives. To support cybersecurity leaders in this effort, Info-Tech’s blueprint outlines the following key aspects of an effective cybersecurity competency development plan:

  • Define the unique competencies, knowledge, and abilities the organization needs in order to deliver security services.
  • Assess proficiency gaps across defined competencies by identifying both initial and target proficiencies, as well as development actions to mitigate the gap.
  • Prioritize competencies based on the importance of service domains, organizational priorities, and compliance requirements.
  • Acquire competencies through certifications or training programs that are engaging, are applicable to employees’ career goals, and can be evaluated against security program objectives.

Info-Tech’s research underscores the importance of a balanced approach to workforce development and recommends that security leaders use a strategy that combines hands-on experience with validation through globally recognized credentials. This strategy not only streamlines the training process for new staff but also provides avenues for upskilling existing personnel. By integrating practical learning with credential validation, organizations can empower their security teams to effectively address the dynamic challenges of the cybersecurity threat landscape.

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