A bus driver shortage is forcing NISD to eliminate routes in nearby neighborhoods | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

SAN ANTONIO – The new bus routes concern parents like Andrew McBride. He’s worried that his little one will have to walk to school when he starts first grade at Franklin Elementary.

“Because of work, I’m a plumber and I go into work at 7:00 and get off to 3:15, so I can’t even get off of work early to make sure he’s going to be home,” said Andrew McBride.

McBride admits, he used to walk to school when he was a child, but what was a once a rural and peaceful area is now bustling with traffic.

Dad says he fears for his child’s safety.

“I live off 1560 off Culebra and I swear there’s an accident here every day,” explained McBride.

The district’s Transportation Director, Telisia Soliz says the bus driver shortage is driving adjustments. Ten to fifteen routes for five stations of the district will be eliminated.

Primarily the routes inside a two mile radius of schools, where they have made improvements to sidewalks and crosswalks.

Northside ISD says they have been shorthanded by 60 to 90 bus drivers and have had to make it work.

“Drivers are having double up on routes, so they take their initial routes go back and pick up kids after they drop them off or if there’s enough room, combine the two routes together,” said Telisia Soliz, Northside Independent School District’s Transportation Director.


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