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A man who sexually assaulted a vulnerable woman nearly 18 years ago and then fled to India has been jailed after the judge said he was ‘clearly a threat to women’ .

Jossy Joseph, age 55, of no fixed address, has been jailed for four years at Norwich Crown Court today (Tuesday 12 September 2023). Joseph will face deportation when he has served his sentence. 

Joseph admitted sexually assaulting a vulnerable woman at a Care Home in Swanton Novers between 16 and 19 October 2005 at a previous hearing.

Judge Shaw told the court the sexual assault would take a  ‘significant degree of planning’ and showed a  ‘clear abuse of trust’. 

Joseph sexually assaulted the woman, who had suffered brain damage as a result of a serious head injury when she was younger, while she was living in a residential care home in Swanton Novers.

Joseph was initially employed as a carer at the home in April 2005. However, in June of the same year, he was given a warning after turning up to work smelling of alcohol and re-employed with maintenance and driving responsibilities.

The court heard how a female carer at the home had described the victim as unusually “withdrawn, distant and agitated” when she helped her to get dressed on 18 October 2005. The victim told her: “a man came into my room last night” and disclosed she had been sexually assaulted.

Specially trained detectives visited the home later that day spoke with the victim.  Crucial forensic evidence was also secured. Joseph fled to India having given family, friends and colleagues different reasons for his departure from the UK.  It was established by the investigation team that Joseph was linked forensically to the sexual assault and he was declared a suspect.

The investigation remained open and following international enquiries over several years, Norfolk officers tracked Joseph down and started the process of seeking extradition from India.  Extradition from India was granted towards the end of 2022 and Joseph arrived back in UK on 12 January 2023. Later that day he was charged with the sexual assault of a vulnerable woman in Swanton Novers between 16 and 19 October 2005, and remanded into custody.

Detective Inspector Kevin Barber, who led the investigation from 2016, said: “Joseph is a cruel sexual predator who sexually assaulted a vulnerable woman in her own bed – a woman who had already experienced a traumatic event that had a profound impact on the rest of her life. She had every right to be looked after and cared for and Joseph abused her trust, and the trust placed in him by her loving family, for his own perverse gain and then attempted to escape justice.”

“Sexual offences in Care homes perpetrated by staff are very rare in Norfolk.  I certainly want to reassure the public of this and send a message that we will seek out those who commit sexual offences.  We will always try our absolute best to bring offenders to justice and we were determined to do everything possible to do that in this case too, irrespective of the expanse of time or distance. I’m pleased we were able to bring Joseph back to Norfolk to face the consequences of his actions, and I only hope today’s sentencing brings some closure for the victim and her family.”

The victim’s family have released the following statement: “Firstly, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to Norfolk Constabulary, and all other parties involved in seeking justice for our daughter following this cowardly and horrendous crime.

“We entrusted our very vulnerable daughter to the care of this home on the understanding that she would receive the specialist care needed, and most importantly in a safe environment. How wrong we were. Even after nearly 18 years, the guilt of knowing that we failed her is still strongly felt.”

“Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what emotional effects this crime has had, and may still be having on our daughter, and perhaps the sentence doesn’t reflect the true impact it has had on us all. Putting this aside, we are truly grateful that justice has now finally been served, and hope that very important lessons to help protect the most vulnerable in care have been learnt.”

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