A ‘most private place’: Trust Google with your data above government bodies, says Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt

Google is the “safest and most private place” to store data, Alphabet Inc. executive chairman Eric Schmidt said this week as he addressed privacy concerns over data collected by Google’s machine- learning mechanisms.

Machine learning is a branch of computer science in which algorithms are constructed to learn from data and make more accurate predictions over time.

Google uses such mechanisms in a variety of its services, including improving its search engine services, filtering spam in Gmail and classifying users’ photos in its Google Photos app.

“We work very hard to keep people’s data private and to give [them] control over it,” Schmidt said during a live video conference with reporters in Tokyo on Tuesday.

“You can control what Google keeps of you … and we keep your data protected using incredibly powerful encryption.”

Schmidt also condemned government hacking of technology companies, adding that Google is a safer place to entrust your data than government agencies or bodies.

“We are upset that it appears that the US government and the Chinese government … have attacked computer companies without permission,” said Schmidt.

Source: http://www.scmp.com/tech/enterprises/article/1877771/most-private-place-trust-google-your-data-above-government-bodies

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