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MASON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Two men have been arrested in separate incidents for child solicitation by computer in Mason County in the last two weeks. Law enforcement said these arrests were made possible with the help of one man, Olive Hugh, leading the charge in what he calls “Operation Juicebox.”

“If you’re a 40-year-old man, you should not be trying to communicate and meet up with 12, 13, 14-year-old girls,” Mason County Sheriff Corey Miller said.

Hugh said he started the multi-state movement back in 2020 with the intent to disguise himself as a minor, talk with these adults, and arrange meetups. But in reality they are meeting up officers — the movement happening all while being overseen by law enforcement

“My goal was to and it still is, it’s a preventative from online child predators from talking to actual minor. Instead they are talking to me,” Hugh said.

Sheriff Miller says his office worked with Operation Juicebox in both these incidents , where both men believed they were talking with 14-year-old girls in hopes to meet them and engage in sexual activity, but in reality it was Hugh’s decoy account.

“It’s easy for people to establish a relationship through messaging and stuff like that. And then if a child is unknowing and they do schedule a meetup, we hope that doing this and I hope that we don’t make any more arrests from this,” Sheriff Miller said. “I hope that this spreads and people that have a desire to continue trying to solicit a minor for sexual acts or anything. I hope that they learn that its not going to be tolerated.”

Sheriff Miller urges all parents to stay vigilant with their kids, hoping they do not have to make any more arrests in the future.

“Just being engaged with your kids, you know your kids, talk to them about it. Get in their business. It’s a busy world and a lot of times anybody, including myself, can lose track of what’s important,” he said. “Spending time with your kids, getting to know who they are talking to. It’s important for me to be in my kids’ business, and I think it should be a priority for all kids and parents.”

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