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Kali Linux 2020.3: A New Era for Ethical Hacking Offensive Security’s latest update to its ethical hacking and penetration testing distribution, Kali Linux 2020.3, offers a significant leap forward in functionality, design, and user experience.

Released on August 11, 2020, this major update brings numerous enhancements to the popular Debian-based platform. Among the most noteworthy changes is the introduction of ZSH as the default shell. This powerful tool supports plugins and themes, providing a smoother and more customizable experience for users.

ZSH: The New Default Shell

For seasoned Kali Linux users, the switch to ZSH may come as a welcome surprise. This shell offers a more advanced and feature-rich environment compared to the traditional Bash shell. Users can enable ZSH by running a simple command, making the transition seamless and hassle-free.

One of the standout features of ZSH is its support for plugins and themes. This functionality allows users to tailor their shell experience to their specific needs, whether they are conducting penetration tests, analyzing network traffic, or reverse-engineering software.

Improvements for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Users

The release of Kali Linux 2020.3 is particularly relevant for those using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). With this update, users can now run a full-fledged GNU/Linux environment on top of their existing Windows operating system.

WSL support enables users to run Linux-based command-line tools and ELF-64 binaries, making it easier than ever to work with Kali Linux on a Windows machine. This compatibility opens up new possibilities for ethical hackers, penetration testers, and security researchers who prefer to work within a Windows environment.

Enhanced Functionality and Redesigned User Interface

In addition to the new default shell and WSL support, Kali Linux 2020.3 includes a host of other improvements. A new tool for automatic HiDPI support ensures that the distribution looks sharp and crisp on high-resolution displays. A fresh theme for GNOME’s Nautilus file manager gives the platform a modern and professional appearance.

The GNOME System Monitor now supports stacked CPU charts, providing users with a more detailed and informative view of their system’s performance. For those using the ARM architecture, the size of the ARM images has been reduced, making it easier to download and install Kali Linux on a variety of devices.

Kali NetHunter, the distribution’s mobile penetration testing platform, has been updated with Bluetooth Arsenal. This set of Bluetooth tools enables hackers to conduct tests on various devices, expanding the capabilities of the already powerful NetHunter platform.

Support has been added for SD cards and eMMC storage on Pinebook and Pinebook Pro images, as well as support for more 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. The 64-bit Raspberry Pi images have also received improvements, ensuring that Kali Linux remains compatible with the latest hardware.

Kali Linux 2020.3: A New Standard in Ethical Hacking As the field of ethical hacking and penetration testing continues to evolve, so too does Kali Linux. With its latest update, version 2020.3, the platform solidifies its position as the go-to choice for security professionals around the world.

By introducing ZSH as the default shell and offering improved support for Windows Subsystem for Linux, Kali Linux 2020.3 empowers users to work more efficiently and effectively. With its enhanced functionality and redesigned user interface, the new release sets a new standard for ethical hacking and penetration testing distributions.

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